2015-16 Tuition and Fees

Grade Level Annual Monthly*
Full Day 3 day Preschool $4,950.00  $450.00 
Half Day 5 day Preschool $4,466.00 $406.00
Full Day 5 day Preschool $7,502.00 $682.00
Half Day Prep-Kindergarten $4,466.00 $406.00
Full Day Prep-Kindergarten $7,502.00 $682.00
Half Day Kindergarten $4,466.00 $406.00
Full Day Kindergarten $7,502.00 $682.00
First-Fourth Grades $8,558.00 $778.00
Fifth-Eighth Grades $10,131.00 $921.00
Ninth-Twelfth Grades $10,758.00 $978.00
*based on 11 monthly payments June - April  

Non-Refundable Enrollment Fees

Re-Enrollment Fee: $225 per family (billed in May)
New Student Application Fee: $65 per new student application
New Student Enrollment Fee: $250 for the first new student: $150 for each additional student

The first tuition payment is due by EFT on either June 1 or 15, 2015. If a student’s tuition payment is not received by 4:00 pm on June 15th, that student may be considered withdrawn.

Tuition Discount Options
Heritage Christian School will provide a 1.5% discount to each family that pays 100% of their student(s) tuition by June 15, 2015  or a 1% discount if their entire tuition is paid by August 15, 2015 (providing June and July payments were made on schedule). This discount applies to tuition only.

Tuition Includes

Textbook Rental Student Accident Insurance Specialty Classes (Science Labs, Band)
Technology Services & Fees Most Class Field Trip Fees Most Retreat Fees (Transportation, Lodging)
Standardized Testing


Withdrawal Policy 

Heritage Christian School has authorized a schedule for payment of tuition fees in the event an enrolled student withdraws from the school. The complete Withdrawal Policy can be found on the Student Billing page.