Welcome to Heritage Christian School

Heritage was founded in 1965 with the specific intention to provide an environment where students can grow spiritually and intellectually.  That intention continues to this very day. 

 As a Christian school, we recognize the distinction between the eternal and the temporal; between the spiritual and the material; between the lasting and the fleeting.  Heritage’s emphasis is to teach, model and cultivate everlasting spiritual growth in our students.  Strong academics which train and challenge one’s mind, are a vital component to an individual’s spiritual growth. 

Our goal is that Heritage students are fully-equipped disciples of Jesus Christ who impact this world as “salt and light” by proclaiming the transforming message of the gospel and the truth of God throughout their entire lives. 

Heritage seeks to accomplish this goal through an environment which spans Preschool – 12th grade and embraces curricular and extra-curricular programs.  Our faculty and staff recognize their responsibility to use every setting to teach, model and cultivate; whether that be when teaching in the classroom, eating in the lunchroom, coaching on the athletic field or participating in after school clubs.  It is during these settings that our faculty and staff integrate a biblical worldview into their interactions with students.