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Educational Support Services

Each child’s mind is uniquely created by God and for His purpose. This uniqueness includes strengths and weaknesses. Educational Support Services acknowledges learning differences and provides a variety of programs, intervention strategies, and teaching methods to meet the learning needs and challenges of exceptional children. Support extends to the teachers and families of children who learn differently. Through a team effort, children with learning differences will become successful and independent learners who realize their God-given abilities and fulfill their God-designed potential.

We believe in the value of the Educational Support Services programs that Heritage provides. Because of this, we offer a couple options for financial assistance for families who need help affording ESS for their children.

ESS Programs & Services

NILD Educational Therapy

This program is designed specifically for students (grades 1-12) with average to superior intelligence with identified learning differences. NILD Educational Therapy is a unique intervention that delivers educational therapy one-on-one to stimulate a student’s learning weakness(es) in a non-tutorial approach.
(Accredited by the National Institute for Learning Development)

Search & Teach

Search and Teach is an early intervention program developed to meet the educational needs of young learners. Every kindergarten student participates in the screening process conducted in early fall. Students identified as needing additional skill development are offered an opportunity for intervention.

STAR Reading

STAR Reading is designed to provide intervention and practice in all areas of reading (oral reading, phonics and reading comprehension) and written language. STAR is available for grades 1-6.

Directed Studies

The purpose of DS is to help students (grades 7-12) organize, understand, and prepare for core classes by developing independent study skills necessary for academic success. Students enroll in DS for daily assistance with organization and accountability.

Academic Skills Class

Academic Skills Class is designed to provide specific content support to students with identified learning differences. ASC is available for students in grades 1-12.


Multiple types of testing offered to evaluate and screen individual students.

Written Intervention Plans

A Written Intervention Plan is documented accommodations that are to be allowed for an eligible student. A WIP is only written after a psycho-educational evaluation has been completed.

A temporary Medical WIP is written in the event of an injury or extended illness that interferes with a student’s ability to complete assignments and tests in a timely manner. Medical documentation is required.


Discovery is designed for potentially high ability 1st grade students.


Explorers is a program designed to help meet the needs of high ability students in grades 2-6.

International Student Program

Our international student program is designed to meet the language and cultural needs of international students enrolled in high school. For more information about the International Student Program, click here.

Contact Us

For more information about Educational Support Services at Heritage, contact ESS Director, Julie Hight, at julie.hight@heritagechristian.net or (317) 849-3441 ext. 168.

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