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Financial Assistance

We understand that many families are in the difficult position of weighing the potential life-changing value of providing a Christian education at Heritage Christian School for their child, with the affordability of tuition within their budget. If you desire a Christian education for your child, then we will strive to work with you to make that a reality. Approximately 40% of our families receive some financial assistance.

Types of Financial Assistance Available

Indiana Choice Scholarship (Vouchers)

The State of Indiana provides a partial tuition payment for eligible families who are enrolled at Heritage Christian School by September 1. If there are more students eligible to receive an Indiana Choice Scholarship who have been accepted to attend Heritage Christian than Indiana Choice Scholarships are available, a lottery will be held to determine which students may enroll. The amount of the scholarship is based on your income and household size as well as the school district where you reside. More information can be found here.

Tax Credit Scholarships

(Also known as SGO Scholarships.) Eligible families receive $500 in scholarship toward their tuition made available through private donations that are designated to Heritage Christian School. Eligibility is based on household size and income. More information can be found here.

Heritage Christian Tuition Assistance

Each school year, HCS provides $900,000 in tuition assistance supported by our general operating fund and donations designated for scholarships. Any family can apply, and the amount of assistance is based on the resources of your family compared with tuition cost for your student(s). This calculation is done by a 3rd party organization, FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment (FACTS). More information can be found here.

How to Apply for Financial Assistance

  • In addition to filling out an online student application, you must complete an application for financial assistance. You may do this starting January 1 for the upcoming school year here.
  • Complete one application per family and the cost is $30.
  • You will be required to provide supporting documentation such as W2’s and tax returns to FACTS either by uploading them on their website or faxing to 866-441-4637.
  • Financial Aid applications completed after March 31 for the upcoming school year will be evaluated as funds are available.
  • You must re-apply each year.

Choosing to invest in your student’s future by providing a Heritage Christian education can seem overwhelming for some families. Heritage stands ready to support you in this process. We will invest in your student through our college-prep academics, exceptional and caring teachers, discipleship programs, and extracurricular opportunities. Through our tuition assistance program, we also invest financially with many families. If you are concerned about your family’s ability to pay for a Heritage Christian Education, we strongly encourage you to apply for financial assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is income verified?

When completing your FACTS application for financial aid, copies of the most recent W2s and Federal Tax Returns for everyone in your household will need to be provided. We will use the Income from your tax returns. If you do not have tax returns or if your household income is different from what is stated on the tax return, you must fill out and submit to us the Income Verification Form.

How do you determine household size?

The State of Indiana defines a household as a group of related or non-related individuals who are living as one economic unit and who share housing and or significant income and expenses. When completing your FACTS application for financial aid, copies of the most recent Federal Tax Returns for everyone in your household will need to be provided. We will use the number indicated by your taxes. If the number in your household is currently different than what is reported on your tax returns, you will need to complete and submit to us the Household Size Verification form.

Can I receive both an Indiana Choice Scholarship (voucher) and a Tax Credit Scholarship?

Yes, if you meet the qualifications for each scholarship and a voucher seat is available, you can receive both. In addition, your application will be evaluated for HCS Tuition Assistance.

How will I know if I am awarded one of these scholarships?

Once you complete your FACTS application and provide the required documentation, FACTS will notify us and we will provide you with an award letter listing all scholarships for which you qualify. Please allow 2-4 weeks for your application to be processed.

Do I need to reapply each year?

Yes. Starting January 1st you must apply for the upcoming school year.

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