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Welcome to the Current Parent Portal

This will be your go-to place for announcements, the lunch menu, forms, and other important information for your family. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Upcoming Dates

June 22: Summer Open House
July 12: Summer Open House
August 10: New Family Orientation & PTF New Family Picnic
August 14: First Day of School (Grades 2-12)
August 19: Friends of Fine Arts Family Picnic
September 7: Eagle Golf Classic
September 15: All School Football Tailgate (more info coming soon)
September 29: Homecoming
October 6: Storytime
October 11-13: Grandparents Day (more info coming soon)

View the 2017-18 Getting Started Calendar for more information about orientations, new family activities and start-of-school events.

All School Announcements

Save 1.5% On Tuition

June 12, 2017

Did you know that you can save 1.5% on tuition by paying in full for the 2017-18 school year right now? Contact Laura Valentine at laura.valentine@heritagechristian.net or 317-849-3441 ext. 114 to make arrangements!

Host Family Needed For Male International Student

June 2, 2017

You’ve heard it said-the world is coming to us! Is your family looking to grow in their intercultural learning or for opportunities to share Christ’s love with some who have never heard? Heritage is partnering with A+ Global to bring students from all over the world to our city and our homes. These high school students will attend Heritage and live with Heritage families.

We currently have one male high school student from China who needs a home for the fall. Would you be willing to host him for the 2017-2018 school year? If you are interested in learning more, please contact Jenny Peklo at jenny.peklo@heritagechristian.net.

CEO Update

May 12, 2017

Dear Heritage,

As the school year draws to a close, we are thankful for our strong community, our unwavering mission and God’s loving grace and provision. Through triumphs, transitions and tragic loss, we’ve drawn closer together as family and friends. Let me try and summarize a multitude of activities and updates.

School Community Updates

Just last night we gathered together at iTown Church in Fishers as a Heritage family at a memorial service for Matt Carrao, who served as our Operations Director and High School computer science teacher. This God-honoring service helped bring healing and closure to both the family and our Heritage community, as we rallied together for a special time of fellowship. Continue to lift up Earlie and the boys as they walk through this difficult time.

At the same time, the school is preparing for this weekend’s 8th Grade Celebration on campus, and graduation ceremonies for our 51st graduating class on May 26 at East 91st Street Church. Our students are neck-deep in final exams, year-end projects, celebrations, award ceremonies, fine arts programs and concerts, spring sports and more. Our outstanding alumni are thriving in careers ranging from medicine to management to missionary service, including one wearing a 2017 NCAA Division 1 women’s basketball national championship ring and another preparing to race in this year’s Indy 500.

Just a few weeks ago, we were honored to have author and speaker Josh McDowell challenge us with a powerful message about today’s culture and the importance of schools like Heritage who emphasize a biblical worldview. Over 200 people from our Heritage community enjoyed an evening of food and fellowship at our April 29th Thrive Banquet.

The purpose of the evening was to inspire our community to support Christian education and to celebrate being in the home stretch of our current Thrive Campaign. During the evening, we were very clear about our desire to wrap up the Thrive Campaign as soon as possible. Those attending the event heard that message loud and clear and responded generously. We received over $120,000 in commitments from over 60 families on the night of the event. At the start of the banquet, we were at $3.35 million in commitments. Although we are now within 15% of reaching our goal of $4 million in commitments, we still have a lot of work to do to complete the campaign.

While we were able to start this calendar year with a 2.5% staff salary increase, we need Thrive Campaign funding to be able to deliver the remaining 7.5%. While we have made progress towards reducing our debt, a healthy financial future depends on a fully successful Thrive Campaign. And while we have made improvements in how we tell the Heritage story and attract new families, we need Thrive Campaign resources to maintain the positive momentum we've created. Please consider joining us over and above anything you have already done or considered to provide the final $530,000 needed.

If you did not receive our Thrive mailing or our recent Messenger magazine that provided opportunities to participate in the campaign, you can pledge (and learn more) online at http://www.heritagechristian.net/thrive.

Staffing Announcements

While springtime always brings change into a school environment, this year has seen an abundance of transition and new opportunities. It was with mixed emotions that we announced that Secondary Principal Jerry Stayton will be returning to his alma mater, Elkhart Christian Academy, as their Superintendent and Pastor. We are happy for Jerry to have the opportunity to “return home” as head of school. We are sad to see Jerry and the Stayton family leave Heritage. Jerry has faithfully served HCS over the last four years and has greatly impacted lives for Christ.

To fill the roles left open by Jerry’s departure, we recently announced that Phil Nikirk will be filling the position of Secondary Principal, and Kirsten Gibbs will be moving into the role of Assistant High School Principal. Both of these moves are effective June 1st. Phil has served as our Assistant High School Principal for the last three years. He has over 35 years of experience in education as teacher, coach and administrator. Prior to coming to HCS, Phil served as Principal of Madison Grant High School for 6 years and Anderson High School for 8 years. Kirsten has 20 years of education administration experience at Cedarville University, prior to serving the last 3 years here as our Director of Discipleship. She holds a Master of Science and Administration degree with an undergraduate degree in elementary education.

We are most fortunate to have the bench strength available in Phil and Kirsten to help seamlessly move our schools forward. This speaks volumes to the strength of our Administrative staff. Phil and Kirsten will be working closely with Jerry Stayton to provide a smooth transition. While we are still working out details, the Discipleship area will still report to Kirsten, as will the Guidance department.

Another important announcement is the creation of a Chief Operating Officer (COO) position, to be filled by Nathan Beadle. Nathan will assume responsibility for guiding finance, technology, facilities, operations and nursing. Nathan’s vast professional experience, including two years serving as a consultant to HCS, and his love for Christ and HCS, make him a great fit. Please join me in praying for and supporting Nathan, Phil and Kirsten in their new roles.

Our New High School Handbook

As our school continues into its second 50 years, we are always working to create the best possible environment. Over the past year, much work has been done on updating our high school student handbook. The new handbook is organized according to our three mission specifics (glorify God, pursue excellence, disciple students), and now reflects a focus on redemptive discipline. Our desire is to view our disciplinary actions as more than catching and punishing wrong behavior. Disciplinary actions are part of our overall effort to grow a student’s relationship with Christ. While this does not forego consequences, disciplinary actions will now better align with the school’s larger discipleship efforts.

One policy shift relates to academic penalties during suspensions. The new handbook has removed the grade penalties for students on suspension, recognizing that the suspension in and of itself it typically sufficient to address the issue without adding academic penalties.

We have also greatly increased our efforts to identify and plan appropriate disciplinary and discipleship steps for students who may be struggling with drugs and alcohol. We want to have tools to help families understand the severity of the struggle modern teens face in this area and provide prevention assistance. All of the changes will be available for review in June when the completed handbook will be distributed.

Embracing Diversity

Another area that we have been leaning into for several years is the evaluation of and engagement in diversity issues. Celebrating diversity is something Heritage values. We desire our campus to be a place where unity in Christ, based on Biblical principles, is embraced and where we strive to break down barriers created by our culture and society. Some of our recent diversity-related activities include benchmarking what other schools are doing, assessing our attitudes about diversity, cultivating a community that attracts diverse employees and students, evaluating our hiring practices, facilitating training and professional development for faculty, staff, and administration, and effectively communicating our diversity goals.

One important initiative identified was the need for our faculty and staff population to better represent and align with the diversity of a Heritage student body that has grown to 25% minority representation. The hiring of Tia Cavanaugh-Favors as Diversity Discipleship Mentor was a small step toward meeting that need. However, we need your help to further identify qualified minority candidates for Heritage job openings. We ask that you refer talented, Christ loving educators and workers to explore Heritage as an employment option. Open positions can be found at www.heritagechristian.net/jobs.

Parent Survey

With so much activity and change taking place, it’s important for us to hear from you, our families. In the days ahead, you will receive a parent satisfaction survey to let us know how we are doing as a school. Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback when you receive it. Your input is greatly valued.

We are here to serve you as effectively as possible. Thank you for partnering with us as we pursue excellence in Christian education, preparing the next generation of leaders to impact the world for Christ.

Jeff Freeman
CEO, Heritage Christian School

Other Information

Summer 2017 Activities

Heritage Day Camps

K-6th Grade
We have day camps for every week of your summer! With a program that includes weekly field trips, daily Bible lessons, scholastic enrichment, outdoor activities, and arts & crafts, Heritage's Day Camps have something for everyone in K-6th grade.
Learn More & Register

Fine Arts Beginning Band and String Academy

5th & 6th Grade
Band & String Academy is for students entering the 5th grade or 6th graders who are just starting on a new instrument. Students will learn how to set up their instrument and play easy music that introduces good tone production and note reading skills.
Learn More & Register

Jump Start

1st-5th Grade
Help your kids ease back into the school routine with Jump Start. Jump Start is a week of activities, games and review work to help prepare your child for his or her new grade level after a restful summer. Classes are small and are taught by HCS elementary teachers. New students benefit by meeting future classmates and becoming familiar with the elementary building and HCS curriculum. A small snack will be provided. There is a $49.00 non-refundable sign-up fee. (Jump Start is only available for students enrolled for the 2017-18 school year in 1st-5th grades.)

Algebra 2 Summer Class

High School Students
Algebra 2 is a high school class that can be challenging for many students. This summer class is intended to provide a brief introduction to some of the new concepts that students will learn during the regular school year. It should also help students refresh their mathematical skills during the summer.
Learn More & Register


Helpful Links

Health Services

Contact HCS Health Services

Email us at: nurse@heritagechristian.net

Nursing Office for Preschool - 4th Grade
Direct Line: (317) 813-3839
Fax: (317) 594-5864

Nursing Office for 5th -12th Grade
Direct Line: (317) 813-3902
Fax: (317) 813-3837

Nursing Staff

  • Galyn Clark, R.N. - Director of Nursing (galyn.clark@heritagechristian.net)
  • Rosemary Day, R.N. (rosemary.day@heritagechristian.net)
  • Deb Hastings, R.N. (deb.hastings@heritagechristian.net)
  • Beth Pope, R.N. (beth.pope@heritagechristian.net)
  • Lana Kritsch, R.N. (lana.kritsch@heritagechristian.net)
  • Jennifer Becker, R.N. (jennifer.becker@heritagechristian.net)

Safety & Security


Helpful Phone Numbers

Heritage Main Phone: (317) 849-3441

School Absence Line Numbers
Elementary School: (317) 594-5859
Intermediate/Middle School: (317) 594-5861
High School: (317) 594-5860

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