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Welcome to the Current Parent Portal

This will be your go-to place for announcements, the lunch menu, forms, and other important information for your family. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Upcoming Dates

August 25: Varsity Football vs. Lions Home School (7pm at HCS)
September 7: Eagle Golf Classic
September 8: Men's Prayer Gathering
September 13: Welcome Wednesday
September 15: PTF Breakfast Club
September 18: SGO Tax Credit Breakfast Session
September 26-28: Dads' Lunch
September 29: Homecoming
October 6: Storytime
October 11-13: Grandparents Day
November 9: Fall Open House

View the 2017-18 Getting Started Calendar for more information about orientations, new family activities and start-of-school events.

All School Announcements

Solar Eclipse Information

August 17, 2017

As many of you are aware, a solar eclipse will be occurring on Monday, August 21. It will start around 1 PM, peaking at 2:25, and ending around 4 PM.

To provide the best level of safety possible for students, we will be suspending outdoor activities between 1 PM - 4 PM and we will not be arranging any outdoor viewing of the eclipse. Throughout the day, our schools and extracurricular programs will be providing guidance and taking necessary precautions

While we will maintain a regular school schedule, you do have the option of keeping your child home or picking them up early if you so choose. These will be excused absences.

Also, please remind your child that it is never safe to look directly at the sun's rays - even if the sun is partly obscured.

Contact your school office if you have further questions.

Seeking Board Member Nominations

August 16, 2017

Dear Heritage Community,

As we start the 2017-2018 school year, we wanted to give you a brief update on recent changes to the Board of Directors.

Board members Elizabeth Allen and Tracy Huff have completed their respective terms and transitioned off the board at the June annual meeting. Both Elizabeth and Tracy have contributed much to HCS and they will be missed. We thank them for the countless hours they gave to HCS, and their wisdom, guidance and service. Board member Bill Armstrong has served on the board for over two years. Bill recently informed the Board of his intention to step away to pursue another ministry opportunity. We thank Bill for his dedicated service to HCS and his Godly wisdom.

With these transitions, the Board of Directors re-engaged the Nominating Committee at its July meeting. The Nominating Committee will identify potential individuals to fill open director positions.

The governance documents of the school allow for a minimum of five and a maximum of nine directors. Each director serves a term of four years, renewable by mutual agreement of the director and the Board. While we are currently in line with these requirements, the Board wishes to add quality leaders and feels strongly about receiving input from the HCS community.

We want to identify potential directors who meet candidate criteria, who are Godly leaders, and are willing to invest their time in HCS. We are open to recommendations of individuals currently or previously affiliated with Heritage as well as those outside of Heritage who meet the criteria.

Information about the Nominating Committee and candidate criteria can be found at heritagechristian.net/boardnominations. We anticipate the Nominating Committee will begin its work in September.

Please send recommendations to nominatingcommittee@heritagechristian.net for consideration. Individuals recommended should be aware of, and agreeable to, the recommendation.

Yours in His Service,

The Heritage Christian School Board of Directors

Scott Schneider, Chair
Max Anders
Dan Dietrich
Beth Campbell
Chris Sarver
Doug Waltz

Spiritual Theme T-Shirts

August 16, 2017

Spiritual Theme

The 2017-2018 annual theme is "Stand Firm" based on Philippians 1:27. It reminds us to conduct ourselves in a way that is worthy of the Gospel of Christ, to stand firm in the Spirit, and to strive together as one. From elementary to the high school we are excited to spend the school year thinking deeply about what it looks like for us to stand firm together.


One way to keep the theme in front of us for the coming year is through our Stand Firm T-shirt. These shirts may be ordered/purchased for your student to wear throughout the school year. (They are approved school dress for the MS and HS on chapel days). Orders are available through September 1. T-shirts will be delivered to Heritage and distributed to your family roughly 3 weeks after the order deadline. We will distribute t-shirts to be sent home by the oldest student you have at HCS.

Questions can be directed to Becky Stowers, Director of Discipleship at becky.stowers@heritagechristian.net.

Medication Policy & More Health Services Information

August 9, 2017

1. New Medication Policy

Elementary Students
  • Elementary students through 4th grade are not permitted to transport any medications to or from school.
  • This is a change and important for the safety of all.
  • Any medications, both over the counter and prescription, must be brought in to the nursing office by a parent or legal guardian. The medication permission form will need to be filled out and signed for the medication to be administered. All medication must be in the original packaging, with the prescription label attached if applicable. This includes asthma medications - inhalers/nebulizer meds must be in the original boxes with prescription labels.
  • Medication will not be sent home with the students - it must be picked up.

5th-12th Grade Students
  • Any medications, both over the counter and prescription, must be brought in to the nursing office by a parent or legal guardian. The medication permission form will need to be filled out and signed for the medication to be administered. All medication must be in the original packaging, with the prescription label attached if applicable. This includes asthma medications - inhalers/nebulizer meds must be in the original boxes with prescription labels.
  • Non-controlled medications may be sent home with the student with a parent's signature.

In summary, all medications must be brought in - school wide for all students. Elementary students may not take meds home. 5th-8th may take home provided it is not a controlled substance and parent signature gives permission.

2. Reminder For Immunization Records / Medical Consent

Please go onto HCS Connect and update your student's medical file and also the medication permission for over-the-counter medications available in the nursing offices.

Also, if you are a new family to HCS, or have students entering Kindergarten, 6th, or 12th grade, please send in or upload your students' immunization records as soon as possible. Immunization compliance is required by the state of Indiana by the twentieth day of school, so it is imperative that we receive the records updating your student's immunization file.

Bus Service Enrollment

July 11, 2017

Bus service enrollment is open for the 2017-18 school year.

  1. Please log into your HCS Connect account and follow the link for “Bus Information”.
  2. Here you can find the link for “2017/2018 Bus Interest Form”.
  3. The interest form includes general stop areas we expect to service. Based on enrollment we will determine exact stop locations and times and release those at the beginning of August.

Please take a moment and reserve your seat today. Even if you have shared with us that you will be using service, please take the time to reserve your seat through this process. Once buses are full with riders, we will begin wait lists for each bus.

For any questions, feel free to contact us by emailing transportation@heritagechristian.net.

Other Information

New To Heritage?

You're probably curious about the many things you need to do in preparation for the start of school. Check out the New Family Welcome Sheet for more information to help make your transition to HCS simpler and easier.

Upcoming Home High School Athletic Events

Monday, August 21

Volleyball vs. Arsenal Tech
Freshmen: 5pm
JV: 6pm
Varsity: 7pm

JV Football vs. Beech Grove

Tuesday, August 22

Volleyball vs. Scecina Memorial High School
Freshmen: 5pm
JV: 6pm
Varsity: 7pm

Thursday, August 24

Boys Tennis vs. Noblesville High School

Boys Soccer vs. Covenant Christian High School
JV: 5:30pm
Varsity: 7:30pm

Friday, August 25

Varsity Football vs. Lions Home School


Helpful Links

Health Services

Contact HCS Health Services

Email us at: nurse@heritagechristian.net

Nursing Office for Preschool - 4th Grade
Direct Line: (317) 813-3839
Fax: (317) 849-5420

Nursing Office for 5th -12th Grade
Direct Line: (317) 813-3902
Fax: (317) 849-5414

Nursing Staff

  • Galyn Clark, R.N. - Director of Nursing (galyn.clark@heritagechristian.net)
  • Jennifer Becker, R.N. (jennifer.becker@heritagechristian.net)
  • Rosemary Day, R.N. (rosemary.day@heritagechristian.net)
  • Deb Hastings, R.N. (deb.hastings@heritagechristian.net)
  • Kara Klopfenstein, R.N. (kara.klopfenstein@heritagechristian.net)
  • Lana Kritsch, R.N. (lana.kritsch@heritagechristian.net)
  • Beth Pope, R.N. (beth.pope@heritagechristian.net)

Safety & Security


Helpful Phone Numbers

Heritage Main Phone: (317) 849-3441

School Absence Line Numbers
Elementary School: (317) 594-5859
Intermediate/Middle School: (317) 594-5861
High School: (317) 594-5860

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