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We're in the Homestretch of the Thrive Campaign

For 50 years, Heritage has been a premier institution, transforming lives and shaping world changers by delivering Biblically-infused scholastic excellence and Christ-centered community.

When Heritage launched the Thrive fundraising campaign in February 2016, the goal was clear and straightforward: reduce existing debt in order to increase Heritage employee compensation by 10 percent. To date, the campaign has raised commitments for $3.3 million of the targeted $4 million. However, we are not done yet.

The Time to Give is Now

Contributions already received from more than 300 families have enabled the school to reduce its debt to below $3 million and to provide an initial 2.5% salary increase to Heritage employees. It's a big step in the right direction, but the final phase of the campaign is important to achieving our objective of an overall 10% salary increase for faculty and staff.

We still hear real-life stories of long-tenured Heritage faculty who receive offers to teach in public schools, at nearly double their salary. We also know of qualified teachers who would love to serve at Heritage but cannot because of financial realities.

The case for increased Heritage employee compensation couldn't be more compelling. Even though we just increased our teacher's starting based salary from $27,000 up to $30,000, it's still a full $10,000 below the starting salary for a teacher serving in the Indianapolis Public School (IPS) system.

For teachers with more than 20 years of experience, the average Heritage faculty salaries lag far behind those of their counterparts across Central Indiana by nearly $25,000.

Join Us to Carry the Thrive Campaign to the Finish Line

We are confident that God will meet our needs in the final stages of the Thrive campaign, and it will be exciting to see how He does so.

Help us reach our goal of $4 million in commitments. We only have $700,000 more needed.

We're praying for donors to step forward to carry us across the finish line of the campaign and propel us toward a bright future.

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