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Prep-K Curriculum

Heritage Christian School is located in Indianapolis, IN.

Active Academics:
Learning by Doing, Moving, Singing, Crafting, and Making Messes

Check out this video to learn a little more about our prep-k program at Heritage:

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Prep-K students learn that the Bible is the true word of God and that Jesus Christ is our Savior. They learn to talk with Jesus through prayer, worship Him through song, memorize His word, and apply Biblical truths through their actions in and out of the classroom.

Language & Literacy

Children are given experiences that make literacy enjoyable through the use of stories, songs, fingerplays, chants, playful poetry, and many literacy-based centers . Through the use of the Zoo-Phonics program children are given additional foundational skills to prepare them for success in reading and writing.


As stated in Indiana’s Early Learning Foundations, children will be given “daily opportunities for problem solving, reasoning, communication, connections, and representations that make it possible for young children to learn the content of math. These processes develop over time with the help of adults who connect math to everyday activities.”


Children are naturally curious, therefore, our program provides opportunities for investigations, exploration, problem-solving, scientific inquiries, and many more hands-on activities throughout the year.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum includes history, geography, and civics which focuses on helping children understand their heritage and develop a strong sense of self as related to their role in God’s world.


Prep-K students learn to draw upon personal experiences as well as their imagination as a basis for their art. Students work with a variety of materials and art tools such as paints, paper, crayons, glue, and scissors as well as unconventional media in planned projects and free expression lessons. The process and experience is more important than the final product at this age.


Prep-K students are introduced to music through singing, creative movement, instrument playing, and listening. Interactive music activities teach the students about beat, tempo, and dynamics. A variety of styles of music such as traditional, folk, and seasonal songs are used to enhance early learning and development.

Physical Education

Prep-K students are given the opportunity to exercise their bodies in individual, group, and relay activities incorporating walking, running, hopping, tiptoeing, jumping and dancing. Students learn to listen, follow directions and participate in activities that strengthen their large motor skills. These activities include the use of balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, parachutes, cones, bean bags, stuffed animals, scooters, mats, and ribbons on sticks.

Minds in Motion

Minds in Motion is a program that specializes in daily developmental activities. This unique program is designed to stimulate a child’s visual processing, auditory processing, and motor skills. The goal of the program is to produce better integrated and balanced children who tend to perform better in school.

Early Childhood Students
Early Childhood Student

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