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Heritage Christian Elementary School

1st - 4th Grade

Heritage Christian School is located in Indianapolis, IN.

Education is a continuous lifelong process that includes developmental goals and milestones along the journey. Heritage Christian School has the privilege of partnering with families early on in their educational journey to provide a strong, biblically-based academic foundation in the formative years of childhood development.

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Grade Levels at a Glimpse

Elementary Student

Elementary School Curriculum Overview


In class, students learn Bible stories, biblical principles, and the truths of what it means to follow Christ. As part of the Bible curriculum, students learn how to memorize, recite, and apply Scripture every year.
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Reading Language Arts

With explicit instruction, students are taught a comprehensive approach to reading through the following areas:

- Interactive read-aloud
- Shared and performance reading
- Writing about reading
- Writing
- Oral and visual communication
- Technological communication
- Phonics, spelling, and word study
- Guided reading
- Grammar usage and mechanics


The Ready Mathematics curriculum helps teachers create a rich classroom environment in which students at all levels become active, real-world problem solvers.

Through teacher-led instruction, students develop mathematical reasoning, engage in discourse, and build strong mathematical habits.

The program’s instructional framework supports educators as they strengthen their teaching practices and facilitates meaningful discourse that encourages all learners.


With support from the Purposeful Design (ACSI) curriculum, students are trained to recognize God’s handiwork all around them and marvel at His intelligent design. They study God’s plan for creation through subjects like plants, animals, habitats, space, and more – all from God’s viewpoint.

Social Studies

With support from various resources including our reading curriculum, students are taught about how the United States of America came to be a nation, who its famous people have been, and what important events have taken place in its history.


In order to fully develop our students’ education, we instruct them in the following areas called "specials."

- Art
- Music
Physical Education
- Spanish
- Library-media

These specialized areas of instruction are an integral part of the curriculum and development of our elementary school students.
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More to Explore

Educational Support Services

Educational Support Services acknowledges learning differences and provides a variety of programs, intervention strategies, and teaching methods to meet the learning needs and challenges of exceptional children.
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Our elementary school integrates the Bible into every facet of education, helping students grow physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually through the truths of the Bible.
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Fine Arts

At Heritage, the arts are a core part of the curriculum. Elementary school students participate in music and visual arts "specials". 
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At Heritage, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) is an integral part of the academic excellence for which the school is well known. Elementary school students participate in a STEM "special" and are given many other opportunities to be involved in STEM initiatives.
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Heritage robotics boasts of several elementary school teams. In addition to learning valuable engineering and programming skills, these robotics students focus on innovation, collaboration, project management, and critical thinking skills.
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Elementary School Students Using iPads