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Educational Support Services

Each child’s mind is uniquely created by God and for His purpose. This uniqueness includes strengths and weaknesses. Educational Support Services acknowledges learning differences and provides a variety of programs, intervention strategies, and teaching methods to meet the learning needs and challenges of exceptional children. Support extends to the teachers and families of children who learn differently. Through a team effort, children with learning differences will become successful and independent learners who realize their God-given abilities and fulfill their God-designed potential.

Educational Support Services Staff
ESS Staff at the annual Eagle Golf Classic to raise money for the ESS HOPE Fund.

Please Note: ESS programs require an additional fee for participation. We strongly believe in the value of these programs and understand that some families may not be able to afford the additional cost. Therefore, we offer financial assistance for families who may need help affording these programs for their children.

ESS Programs & Services

NILD Educational Therapy

This program is designed specifically for students (grades 1-12) with average to superior intelligence with identified learning differences (i.e. a specific learning disorder or frustrations in areas of school performance).

NILD Educational Therapy is a unique one-on-one intervention that delivers intensive educational therapy to stimulate a student’s learning weakness(es) in a non-tutorial approach.

(Heritage Christian is a Member School of the National Institute for Learning Development. NILD is endorsed by the International Dyslexia Association.)

Search & Teach

Search & Teach is an early intervention program that helps Heritage's youngest students become ready for the learning process required in an academic setting.

Every kindergarten student participates in the screening process conducted in early fall to determine their readiness for learning. Students identified as needing additional skill development are offered an opportunity for intervention.

Star Reading

Star Reading is an interactive, research-based program designed by Heritage Christian School to address learning and reading skills relevant to HCS classes. This program creates "star" readers by providing intervention and practice for students in grades 1-6 in the following areas:
  • Oral Reading
  • Phonics
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Written Language

Solutions Math

Solutions Math is a math intervention program designed to help students in grades 1-6 master numeration, operations, and problem-solving by utilizing a multi-sensory approach and individualizing content for each student based on his/her needs.

Directed Studies

The Directed Studies program helps students in grades 7-12 organize, understand, and prepare for core classes by developing independent study skills necessary for academic success. Students enroll in Directed Studies for daily assistance with organization and accountability.

The Directed Studies program offers elective credit to high school students.

Academic Skills Class

Heritage's Academic Skills Class provides support for core classes to students with identified learning differences. This class is available in each grade level as needed.


Discovery is a "pull out" program for potentially high ability / high achieving students in 1st grade. This program challenges and enriches the lives of participating students through differentiated instruction and advanced content. Students have the opportunity to increase and develop their higher level thinking and problem solving skills, as well as logic and reasoning skills while working together as part of a team and as an individual. Discovery students are encouraged to think outside the box and let their creative minds go to work!


Explorers is a "pull out" program that helps meet the needs of high ability students in grades 2-6 through differentiated instruction and advanced content.

The Explorers program challenges students to:
  • think critically and creatively about complex issues
  • consider system interactions while identifying and solving problems
  • investigate their own interests through research and share findings with others
  • apply information in a way that will positively impact God’s Kingdom
  • communicate effectively in multiple settings with a variety of audiences
  • demonstrate responsible behavior while working individually, on a team, and as a leader

Written Intervention Plans

A Written Intervention Plan (WIP) is the HCS document used to communicate with teachers any academic accommodations a student is eligible to receive. A WIP may be implemented for one of the following reasons:

  1. Academics - A psycho-educational evaluation or other documentation is on file in ESS and a student has an identified need for accommodations.

  2. Medical (includes physical and mental health) - Documentation is on file from the student's healthcare provider indicating a medical condition that could impact academics and/or school life. Examples include diabetes, Crones disease, anxiety disorder, depression, etc.

    A temporary Medical WIP is written for students who have sustained a concussion or have a short-term illness or condition.

  3. Language - A WIP may be written for a student who is an English language learner.


Heritage offers multiple types of testing (including achievement tests and ability assessments) to evaluate and screen individual students. Some of the testing is fee-based.

ESS History at Heritage

  • Fall 1988: NILD (National Institute for Learning Development) Educational Therapy program started at HCS
  • 1993-1994: Explorers program for high ability students began
  • 1999-2000: Directed Studies program began
  • 2000-2001: Search and Teach programs initiated
  • 2003-2004: Academic Skills Class (formerly Resource) began
  • Spring 2009: STAR Reading was piloted
  • 2016-2017: Solutions Math launched

Contact Us

For more information about Educational Support Services at Heritage, contact ESS Director, Julie Hight, at julie.hight@heritagechristian.net or (317) 849-3441 ext. 168.