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Educational Support Services (ESS)

Heritage Christian School is located in Indianapolis, IN.

Each child’s mind is uniquely created by God and for His purpose. This uniqueness includes strengths and weaknesses.

Educational Support Services acknowledges learning differences and provides a variety of programs, intervention strategies, and teaching methods to meet the learning needs and challenges of exceptional children.

Support extends to the teachers and families of children who learn differently.

Through a team effort, children with learning differences will become successful and independent learners who realize their God-given abilities and fulfill their God-designed potential.

Educational Support Services Staff
Our ESS Staff at the annual Eagle Golf Classic to raise money for the ESS HOPE Fund.

200+ students are enrolled in programs with ESS

100-150 students have either an academic or medical WIP

15 ESS team members (faculty and staff) serve our students

Note: ESS programs require an additional fee for participation. We strongly believe in the value of these programs and understand that some families may not be able to afford the additional cost. Therefore, we offer financial assistance for families who may need help affording these programs for their children.

ESS Programs & Services

ESS Classroom


Contact Us

For more information about Educational Support Services at Heritage, contact us at info@heritagechristian.net or (317) 849-3441.