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The Heritage Christian Academies program provides insight into God’s calling on students’ lives and exposes them to professional fields through curricular enhancements and experiential learning.

Our unique academy structure serves as a key academic distinctive of our program. HCS Academies provide our students with an innovative opportunity to get a head start exploring areas of interest. It is a curriculum path designed to expose our students to professional fields and potential majors. This program is an addition to our already rigorous college-prep curriculum.

The means through which we accomplish the goal of Heritage Academies are:
  1. Curricular Enhancements (extra classes in a specific field of choice)
  2. Experiential Learning (internships, shadowing, competitions, guest lecturers, projects, etc.)

The basic requirements for each program are:
  • 5-10 semesters of required courses, depending on the program
  • Completion of one Advanced Placement course or the highest level course available
  • Participation in a related Internship Experience
  • Participation in related extracurricular activities, competitions, or projects when available

Below are the current academies and required courses for each. Other academies may be added in the future.

Academy Offerings

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a formal application process?
No, you just need to inform your guidance counselor of your desire to attain an academy recognition and they will assist you in building the necessary schedule.

What are the advantages of being in a academy?
It allows you to explore a field of study before investing college dollars. Students will gain valuable knowledge and understand to a greater degree a potential gift set or calling on their lives. We also believe colleges will begin to notice students who have invested extra effort into a particular field.

Do I have to apply for an academy as a freshman?
No. While it certainly makes planning easier, any student can talk to their counselor about seeking academy recognition at any time.

Is there any fee for joining an academy?
No, there are no fees involved in earning these awards.

Can I be a part of more than one academy?
Yes, you may join multiple academies if your schedule allows.

Can I get college credit for this?
No, there is no college credit for academy recognition; however, the AP classes required to gain the recognition may result in college credit.