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Graduation Requirements

There are four basic graduation requirements for Heritage Christian High School:

  1. Fulfillment of academic standards
  2. Completion of S.A.L.T. (Service) hours
  3. Participation in Interterm Week
  4. Fulfillment of attendance requirements

The courses listed below are those required for graduation from HCS. HCS requirements both meet and exceed state requirements.

Subject Area General Grad HCS College Prep / Core 40 Academic Honors*
Language Arts 9 credits 9 credits 9 credits
Social Studies 6 credits 6 credits 6 credits
Science 4 credits 6 credits 6 credits
Mathematics 4 credits 6 credits 8 credits
World Languages 0 credits 4 credits 6 credits
Additional Core (one of the subject areas listed above) 0 credits 1 credit 0 credits
Bible 6 credits 6 credits 6 credits
Physical Education 2 credits 2 credits 2 credits
Health 1 credit 1 credit 1 credit
Fine Arts 0 credits 0 credits 2 credits
Electives 8 credits 3 credits 2 credits
Total Credits 40 44 48
*Additional Academic Honors Diploma requirements:
  1. Earn a grade of C- or above in courses that will count toward the diploma, and
  2. Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above, and
  3. Complete one of the following:
    • Advanced Placement courses (totaling 4 credits) and corresponding AP Exams.
    • Academic, transferable dual high school/college courses resulting in 6 college credits.
    • A combination of AP courses (2 credits) with AP exams and one college course resulting in 3 college credits.
    • Score a 1250 composite SAT, with a minimum of 590 in reading/writing and 560 in math.
    • Score a 26 composite ACT.

All students must meet state standards for graduation, including passing the ISTEP+ in both English and Math or fulfilling Graduation Pathways requirements. New students entering Heritage must meet these requirements as well. High school level courses taken in middle school will be included on the high school transcript and will be figured into the high school GPA unless the student retakes the course during high school.

Graduation Pathways

Beginning with the graduating class of 2023, the ISTEP+ will no longer be required for graduation. Instead, all students in Indiana must take at least one SAT. Heritage will administer an SAT to all juniors during a school day in the spring. In addition, students must meet all “Graduation Pathways” requirements. These are broken down into three main categories:
  1. Complete all credits required for the desired diploma (as outlined above)
  2. Learn and demonstrate employability skills – there are numerous ways to meet this requirement, but Heritage students will use their junior year job shadow/internship experience
  3. Meet “Postsecondary-Ready Competencies” – students can accomplish this in various ways, including earning an Academic Honors Diploma, achieving certain SAT or ACT scores, earning a C or better in at least three AP or dual credit courses, or completing a designated group of career-focused courses in an approved “pathway”

Each student will meet periodically with their guidance counselor to determine the best way for them to meet the above requirements.

S.A.L.T. (Service) Hours Requirement

Knowing that the Bible directs us as Christ followers to be the “salt of the earth”, S.A.L.T. stands for Serving And Loving Together, and is the name given to our service hours expectation for students. Our desire is that students develop the habit of service to others as an opportunity to influence our school, as well as their church and community.

All students are required to perform 20 hours of community service during each year that they attend high school at Heritage, including their senior year. Service performed that is not for immediate family and for which no compensation is received qualifies for service hours.

In order for a student to receive an HCS diploma, these service hours must be completed and documented in Naviance. These will be reviewed and approved by the high school office.

Interterm Requirements

As a graduation requirement, all students are required to participate in Interterm electives during the freshman and sophomore year, and an internship job shadowing experience in their junior year at HCS. This will typically occur at the end of the 3rd quarter during senior trip week. In order for a student to receive an HCS diploma, these requirements must be completed and documented using the appropriate forms which are available from the guidance office.