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Guidance Services

Guidance Services

The role of Guidance Services is to support students and families as they navigate high school course curriculum choices and the college/career search process. With a guidance counselor to student ratio of 225:1, well below the national average of 482:1, our students are assigned a counselor for individualized guidance and assistance throughout high school.

The ultimate goal of Guidance Services is to prepare students to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. Recognizing that all students have a unique combination of personality, abilities, and spiritual gifts, we believe that they will find the greatest fulfillment when they serve God out of their areas of strength.

One of the primary roles of the guidance counselors is to assist students in discovering and developing those strengths by supporting students as they strive for academic success, face various struggles, and plan for the future.

Our Services

Academic Support

  • Meet with students individually to determine academic goals and course schedule
  • Monitor student progress toward requirements for graduation, college admission, and NCAA/NAIA eligibility
  • Assist struggling students in adjusting course choices or obtaining additional help from tutors or teachers
  • Collaborate with Educational Support Services (ESS) to identify students with learning needs and provide the appropriate support services
  • Coordinate distance learning opportunities for students needing remediation or advanced academic offerings, such as dual credit
  • Facilitate and communicate information about standardized testing

  • High School Course Descriptions Book - A comprehensive list of course offerings including descriptions and any prerequisites.
  • HCS Advanced Placement (AP) & Dual Credit Courses - The list of all options available through Heritage.
  • HCS Academies - Curricular enhancements and experiential learning focused in a particular professional area of study such as Biomedicine, Engineering, Finance, Fine Arts, or Ministry and Leadership.
  • Interterm Week - A week in the spring devoted to unique interests and potential careers.
  • Graduation Requirements - The specific definition of HCS requirements of General Grad, College Prep, and Academic Honors diplomas.
  • Grading Scale - An explanation of the weighted grading system that is used at Heritage.

College & Career Advising

  • Provide individualized counseling to assist students in narrowing their post-high school options
  • Offer personality and career assessments
  • Coordinate student selected internships during Interterm Week
  • Process college and scholarship applications using Naviance
  • Coordinate onsite visits from public and private college representatives
  • Educate and support families regarding the college search process, scholarship opportunities, and the financial aid process

  • College Timeline - Preparing for college begins well before your senior year. Check out this timeline that outlines some of the significant steps in the process.
  • Where Do HCS Students Go To College? - See a list of all the schools that have accepted students from Heritage.
  • Naviance - An online comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps Heritage align student gifts, strengths and interests to postsecondary goals and life.


  • Provide individualized academic and college counsel
  • Meet individually with students as needed regarding personal, social, or spiritual needs
  • Provide referrals to local counseling options for emotional and mental health needs
  • Counseling Team includes: 2 Licensed School Guidance Counselors, 4 Spiritual Life Counselors and a School Psychologist

  • Naviance - An online comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps Heritage align student gifts, strengths and interests to postsecondary goals and life.
  • Discipleship at HCS - Staff that counsels students about personal strengths, college decisions and life skills.
  • Parent Resources - We've compiled a list of resources that we hope will help parents navigate their child's academic and spiritual journey.
  • Guidance Services Staff - Each student is assigned a guidance counselor to provide academic support and college/career advising.

2019 Graduate Stats

SAT & ACT Registration and Test Prep

Test Dates and Registration

To view SAT dates, locations and registration information, click here.
To view ACT dates, locations and registration information, click here.

Method Test Prep

Method Test Prep is available for free to all Heritage students. Use referral code tkn.70515238 when signing up online. This is a self-placed online resource for students. The program is tailored to fit individual learning styles, is simple to use, fits into busy lifestyles, and gets results.
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