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Caryol Meyer

Educational Support Services Teacher

In life and in her work as a teacher, Caryol Meyer is a person of depth.

She exclusively teaches students with learning differences, as part of the Heritage Educational Support Services (ESS) team. Meyer firmly believes that every person can learn; it's just a matter of understanding how they learn best.

"It's all about encouraging the student to question deeply," she explains, "to verbalize their thinking and then come up with a process of strategy for learning the concepts." This process of learning through self-discovery empowers the student and helps them tap into their strengths, she says.

Meyer loves to help "connect the dots" for students who sometimes struggle to understand concepts in a traditional setting. "Kids with learning differences usually have an above-average I.Q.," she says. "Once we understand the why behind their confusion, we can get to their areas of perceived weakness to understand their strengths."

Once we understand the why behind their confusion, we can get to their areas of perceived weakness to understand their strengths.

Meyer seizes opportunities for students' spiritual, as well as academic, growth. "Nurturing faith is the culmination of what we do at Heritage," she says. "We regularly acknowledge God and His amazing work through our educational therapy sessions."

Even after nearly 25 years in her profession, Meyer, a Professionally Certified Educational Therapist (PCET) is, in many ways, a student herself. She has pursued continuing studies with the National Institute for Learning Development (NILD). She's an avid reader and often chooses to read materials that help her to relate to her students.

Meyer's life-long love for learning and for understanding how students learn makes her a passionate instructor. "Every day that I come to school," she concludes, "I think about how I love what I do."

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