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Dan Ambrose - High School History Teacher & Head Varsity Baseball Coach

Dan Ambrose

High School History Teacher & Head Varsity Baseball Coach

Dan Ambrose's journey at Heritage Christian School intertwines his roles as a high school history teacher and head varsity baseball coach with his deeply rooted personal connections to the school. With all four of his children either currently enrolled at HCS or recently graduated, Ambrose finds himself not only immersed in the school community professionally but also personally invested in its success.

Throughout his 25+ years at Heritage, Ambrose has forged profound friendships and collaborations, particularly with his colleagues Len Somers and Dave Watt in the history department. Together, they've cultivated an enriching teaching environment, characterized by camaraderie, shared values, and a commitment to nurturing students both academically and spiritually.

Dan Ambrose

Over the years, Ambrose attests to a shift in his teaching and coaching philosophy. Starting out, his goal was to encourage every student to love history and every athlete on his team to love baseball. Today, Ambrose’s hope is that every student who walks into his classroom would have a sense of peace and a positive feeling.

Embracing Heritage as a platform for ministry, Ambrose integrates faith seamlessly into his teaching and coaching practices. He views each interaction with students as an opportunity to embody Christianity in action, offering support, prayer, and guidance as needed.

As head coach of the baseball program, Ambrose extends his ministry beyond the classroom, investing time and effort into mentoring student-athletes both on and off the field. He considers service a vital part of his baseball program. Every other summer, he leads a service trip to the Dominican Republic. His hope is that players will have one if not two opportunities to go on the trip during their time as student athletes. However, the opportunity is not exclusive to Heritage students. In past years, students from Pike, Carmel, Ben Davis, Brownsburg and other nearby schools have joined the Heritage baseball team for this ministry opportunity and the friendly rivalries that emerge from it. 

These ministry opportunities don’t always require a passport. The team cancels practice one day every season to help with yardwork in the surrounding neighborhood. Ambrose knows that many times baseballs fly into the neighboring yards so the service day allows the team to thank the neighbors for their graciousness and give back to the community. Through initiatives like these, he instills values of teamwork, service, and spiritual growth in his players, fostering a spirit of unity and compassion. 

Dan Ambrose with HCS Baseball Team


Beyond his contributions to athletics, Ambrose serves as a cornerstone in the social studies department, teaching courses such as Sociology, US History, and World War II. His classes are characterized by engaging discussions and a thoughtful integration of a biblical worldview, offering students a holistic understanding of history and society.

"I don't just love my subjects ... I love TEACHING those subjects to high school kids," Ambrose emphasizes. His passion for education is fueled by his love for his students, whom he sees not only as learners but also as individuals with unique spiritual journeys.

Dan Ambrose embodies the dedication and compassion of the educators at Heritage Christian School, shaping the hearts and minds of students with wisdom, faith, and compassion. As a teacher, coach, and mentor, he leaves a lasting impact on the school community, embodying the values of service, learning, and relationship with Christ. The legacy of his ministry continues to inspire at HCS.

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