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Kim Davis

High School Language & Literature Teacher

First as a parent and now as a high school language/literature teacher, Kim Davis has "always loved the community at Heritage."

Her four children all attended HCS K-12, she started substitute teaching when the youngest was in first grade, and then officially started teaching in 2011.

Kim Davis

Davis attended Greenville College in Greenville, IL and majored in English and Mathematics. Immediately after graduation, she went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to get a Master’s degree in English literature.

The idea of teaching came and went, though, as she thought she wanted to be a teacher when she was a little girl, but had abandoned that idea by middle school. Years later she was given a teaching assistantship for grad school and told that she would be teaching composition to college freshmen. That was daunting to Davis, as she had never taught anything and had had little training. She decided that if she acted confident the students would never know she was a novice. It worked, and Davis quickly discovered that the classroom was her "sweet spot, that teaching was exhilarating, and that lesson planning was a pleasurable creative challenge."

Davis lives for the the “a ha” moments when one of her students captures an understanding, as well as the times when the works they read penetrate hearts or awaken emotions. She says, "my college professors taught literature with the expectation that it would change our lives, and I aim for the same. Who wouldn’t love that about teaching?"

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