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Matt Vander Wiele - High School Bible Instructor

Matt Vander Wiele

High School Bible Instructor

Matt Vander Wiele

Meet HCS High School Bible instructor, Matthew (Matt) Vander Wiele. Matt joined Heritage in 2005 as a Sophomore Bible instructor and moved into his current role as High School Bible instructor in 2015. Matt worked in many different fields before landing his first job out of college as a Bible teacher at a school in New York. Although Matt’s wife attended HCS as a child, he did not know about our school until he was asked by Mary Lou Cooper to apply for a job.

Matt has an emotional connection to Heritage that begins with his wife, Abby. “Abby’s mother was killed by a drunk driver when she was just 12 years old. The Best brothers, who founded Heritage Christian School, paid for Abby and her three siblings to finish their education at Heritage, free of charge,” he said. Flash forward several years to Matt and Abby’s wedding. “My wife and I had a double wedding with her sister. During our wedding, my sister met Abby’s brother and they got married four years later,” Matt explained. “That makes our children double cousins!”

In his classroom, Matt wants to be effective in assisting students with their understanding of the God of the Bible better and learning about Jesus. He strives to equip the saints to give a message of hope to a lost world. In his free time, Matt says that he still loves to date his wife, spend time with his kids, read, play guitar, fish and spend summers in the Adirondack Mountains where he grew up. Matt’s hero is his dad, who served as the best man in his wedding, taught him how to love his wife and to get up every day and go to work!

Matt earned his bachelor’s degree in communications from Liberty University, his master’s degree in religion from the Liberty University School of Divinity and Doctor of Education from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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