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Sarah Terrell

Elementary Library Teacher

Get to know Elementary Library teacher Sarah Terrell:

When I was very young, I tossed around the idea of being either a teacher, a hair stylist, or a mom to many children. After all of my dolls ended up with a variation of a mullet or buzz cut, I deleted that occupation from my list of potential options. Being a mom and being a teacher both meant I could be surrounded by precious little people all day, so that's the path I chose. I went to school at both IU and IUPUI, majoring in Elementary Education, with a Science Endorsement. 

Preschool Teacher Sarah Terrell

My husband graduated from Heritage in 1984. Mark and I have a biological son, Joey, who's 15. We also have three foster children, Anna who is 11, John who is 10, and Audrey who is 7. Last year our son, Joey, began his search for high school. After visiting many local high schools, he decided Heritage was the place he wanted to be. I was teaching at a different school, but felt it made sense to come to Heritage with him. Plus, if he thought so highly of the school, I knew it would be a great place to work. He was right. I've been blessed with amazing co-workers, and such sweet families. 

I originally thought science was the field for me, but just couldn't find the right avenue for my personality. The areas I loved tended to involve fairly isolated work environments. Everyone who knows me can tell you that my weak stomach prevented me from all medical field options. So, I turned toward teaching. Teaching science turned out to be a great fit. I taught middle school science when I first graduated. Since then, I've taught nearly every grade from middle school, all the way down to preschool. I've honestly loved each age group for their unique qualities. 

My husband and I flip houses around the city. He does it full time, and I help him when I'm not at Heritage. I love seeing the property for the first time, and imagining how we can make it beautiful. My favorite parts are reworking the floor plan, selecting materials, and staging the home to sell it. 

Prior to home improvement, I was a fitness instructor. I taught pilates, trx, yoga and bootcamp classes. I was able to work with a therapeutic yoga clinical study through IU which provided yoga therapy as a form of rehab for stroke patients. What an amazing experience that was. 

My favorite part of teaching is expanding my "family." I sincerely love my students as my own, and love building bonds and relationships with the families. Last year, I was able to teach a 2nd generation student, and I still keep in touch with many of my little people, who are now not so little. I also love working with the preschoolers for their pure joy and excitement about the world around them. You simply cannot have a bad day in preschool. It can be EXHAUSTING, but never bad. And their humor? The things they say make me laugh for days. 

My favorite part of Heritage has been my co-workers, new friends, and my students' families. The people at Heritage fill my heart with joy every day. I feel blessed to be surrounded by so much love.

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