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Tony Hinkle - High School Science Teacher

Tony Hinkle

High School Science Teacher

“It’s awesome to work in a place where everyone has the goal of glorifying God in every aspect of their lives,” says Tony Hinkle. “I love the people of Heritage.” Hinkle came to the school in 1995 and has taught all but one year since his arrival; currently, he teaches integrated chemistry and physics, zoology, and botany in high school. 

Tony Hinkle

“It was a complete God thing,” he says of how he got into teaching. “In 1992, I went on my first mission trip. I was placed in a position teaching a curriculum on Christian morality and ethics to public school teachers. I’d never thought about teaching before that, but I loved it, and I came back knowing that’s what I wanted to do.” Before Hinkle went back to school to fulfill his calling for teaching, he worked full time as a vet for seven years—a vocation he both brings into the zoology classroom and continues part-time today. 

“When I teach science classes, [God’s character] is obvious in everything he’s made and in every scientific discovery,” Hinkle says. His passion for both God and science is obvious in the classroom, where he leads students in activities that vary from dissecting frogs to identifying flowers found in nearby woods. In every experiment, God’s glory is evident. 

Hinkle’s favorite part of teaching, though, isn’t confined to the classroom. “It’s kind of cheating,” he says, “but my favorite memory is actually when former students come back or email me. I get to see the amazing people they’ve become.”

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