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The Value of Christian Education

The Value of Christian Education

A Christian school brings together a commitment to educational excellence, a tested and unwavering truth system based on the Bible, and dedicated educators who love God and apply that love daily with their students. These mutually supportive outlooks come together in an educational experience that can confidently guide students into the future.

What specifically makes our God-focused and Bible-anchored educational environment so meaningful and vital?  We believe there are two pillars upon which our purpose is defined, our educational delivery is designed, and our identity is secured.

1. A Biblical Worldview

Central to effective Christian education is embracing a Biblical worldview in all we do. It defines and helps design how we integrate Biblical truth into the classroom and daily learning, and it forms the yardstick by which classroom plans and outcomes are measured. A Biblical worldview proclaims that God is creator and designer of all things. It also acknowledges that humankind sins, violating the purpose of life and how it was intended to be lived out. Further, a Biblical worldview recognizes the life-changing impact of God’s redemptive plan through Jesus Christ.

This consistent and dependable foundation stands in contrast to other systems proven to be inconsistent and undependable, and prepares students with valuable life skills and Godly life-changing perspectives. A Biblical worldview also establishes a value system that sees each child as God’s special creation, marked with God’s image, and born with unique character, abilities and gifts waiting to be revealed and developed in a positive, nurturing atmosphere.

Bible Class

2. Christian Discipleship

The other vital characteristic of a Christian school is Christian discipleship. We are competing for the minds, hearts and belief systems of our students within a culture increasingly hostile to anything Christian. As the culture becomes more confused over matters of values and lifestyles, effective Christian discipleship becomes increasingly important.

Christian discipleship at Heritage is accomplished by teaching, mentoring and training in the context of our distinctive Biblical worldview. Teaching includes knowledge of Bible facts, core doctrines and principles of Christian living. It includes addressing life issues and apologetics. It integrates the Word of God into all academic pursuits. We mentor students for transformation by modeling the Christian lifestyle, building relationships and cultivating character inside and outside of the classroom. We train for Christian service by identifying and using the spiritual gifts God has given each student, by sharing the Gospel and expanding our reach, and by providing ministry and service opportunities.

While a Biblical worldview is the filter through which we design and deliver the Heritage educational experience, Christian discipleship is the pattern for Christ-centered living that we actively and consistently share with our students. Bringing the elements of worldview and discipleship together in a Christian school provides a strong and unique anchor not found in other settings. Our goal is to provide the best opportunity possible for students to thrive in a world that is often confused and confusing. We are honored and grateful to stand with our parents as we daily apply the value of Christian education.