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Heritage Christian School

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Our Leadership

Chief Executive Officer: Jeff Freeman

Jeff Freeman has been connected and committed to Heritage Christian School for over 20 years; not only as a parent of three HCS graduates and husband of the elementary assistant principal, Kim, but also as a coach, Booster Club member and committee chair.

Jeff Freeman, CEO

In 2010, the Lord called Jeff to a second career in ministry at HCS as Athletic Director and member of the Leadership Team. Jeff is a CPA by background and training. Prior to his call to ministry, he served in a number of management roles, most recently as an executive with Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance (IFBI).

Jeff’s 20-year resume with IFBI included roles as Chief Operating Officer of IFBI wholly-owned subsidiary Countryway Insurance; Senior Vice President Development (including Mergers / Acquisitions and Strategic Planning); Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer; and Vice President Controller. With over $2 billion in assets, $600 million in premium and 1,800 employees in the Insurance Group, IFBI is the 3rd largest property / casualty carrier in the state.

Jeff’s extensive executive leadership experience gives him the ability to develop a vision, chart a course and deliver results. An effective communicator and motivator, he has a strong financial, strategic planning and management skill set. He knows and connects with the history and culture of HCS and has the ability to see things through the eyes of an HCS parent. These attributes, along with his gift of leadership, passion for HCS and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, serve him well in his responsibilities as CEO of Heritage Christian School.

Jeff and Kim are so thankful for the impact that HCS has had on their family. All three of their married children know the Lord and have spouses who know and serve Him. Heritage Christian has played a major supporting role in preparing their family to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives…and for that, they are eternally grateful.

Read Jeff's latest CEO Update here.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors operates under the school's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Charter of Core Values. In fulfilling its responsibilities, the Board works in cooperation with the head of the school in providing oversight, direction, and accountability for the larger mission-driven issues facing the school. View our current Independent Auditors' Report.

Current Board Members:

Scott Schneider - Chairman of the Board
Dr. Max Anders
Beth Campbell
Chris Sarver
Doug Waltz
Joey Woestman