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Five Middle School Robotics Teams Attend World Championship

Posted on May 17, 2022

Five of Heritage's middle school robotics teams were invited to attend last week's VEX IQ world championship. There were about 725 total teams in attendance from around the world.

- Team 6210 C: Coco Puffs, 6th Grade
- Team 6210 B: Big Pizza, 6th Grade
- Team 6210 D: Dominant Duo, 7th Grade
- Team 6210 E: Enchiladas, 7th Grade
- Team 6210 G: G Force, 8th Grade

Team G Force finished 11th in their division, and Team Enchiladas finished 7th! Both teams made the finals for their respective divisions – a big accomplishment!

Overall, each of our teams did a great job and represented HCS very well.