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Heritage's robust music offerings include choir, band, orchestra, jazz band and praise band. Students perform for the community, lead worship during chapel services and compete at the local and state level. Heritage music programs have won numerous state awards as a member of the Indiana School State Music Association (ISSMA) and national recognition through the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Foundation.

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Inside the Classroom

Elementary School

The Elementary Music curriculum utilizes the National Music Education Standards as a basis for activity-based music education. Students experience music through singing, playing, listening, moving and analyzing. They also develop musical skills at age appropriate levels while gaining an understanding of music in relationship to other arts, history and culture.

Music Programs - Students in grades 1-4 participate in yearly musical performances to showcase what they have learned in the classroom.

Hosanna Children's Choir - This choir is open to 4th grade students who go through an audition process. This is the first opportunity for students to be part of a formal music group. These students learn the basics of vocal techniques and part singing and are exposed to varied genres of music.

Intermediate School

All students in 5th and 6th grade participate in a music class of their choice.

Choir - This course introduces students to the process of developing their vocal skills and musicianship. An emphasis is placed on raising the level of proficiency in vocal technique, singing in an ensemble, sight­-reading, music theory, music history, and the performance of various genres of music.

Band - Intermediate Band teaches music theory, tone production, posture performance and working together as a group.

Strings - Students in Intermediate Strings learn violin, viola, cello, and bass in an ensemble setting. They are taught music reading, posture and position of the instrument, intonation, and solid tone production.

Middle School

Choir - Middle School Choir raises the level of proficiency in vocal technique, singing in an ensemble, sight-reading, music theory, music history, and the performance of various genres of music. A variety of styles and languages encompass the music literature chosen for this choir.

Praise & Worship Team - The Praise and Worship Team emphasizes performing and ministering to the student body for the glory of the Lord by creating an atmosphere of unified worship. Students on this team lead worship for middle school chapel and play for other middle school concerts throughout the year.

Band - Middle School Band increases students' knowledge of basic rhythms, notes, scales, tone production, intonation, musicianship and music history.

Jazz Band - Jazz is an American art form and is integral to understanding 20th century America. This ensemble introduces students to jazz through performance, history of the music and its artists while viewing jazz through a Biblical worldview. In this course, students learn listening skills, music theory and improvisation.

Strings - Middle School Strings students continue to develop skills in music reading, posture and position of the instrument, intonation, varying bow styles, and musicianship. They perform a variety of styles of music, learn about the cultural and spiritual influences of composers in classical and contemporary music, and learn to arrange and compose hymns on Sibelius software.

High School

Music History - This one semester course is an overview of the development of Western music in Europe and America. Students analyze how music, culture, and worldview have interacted in history from the renaissance through the 19th century and look at how music has developed in the 20th and 21st centuries with an emphasis placed on jazz, rock, Broadway, movie, and classical genres in America.

Music Theory - This class surveys how music is constructed with an emphasis on chords, harmonic analysis, sight singing, ear training, form, and composition

Advanced Music Theory - In this advanced course, students learn more advanced elements of music: melody, rhythm, harmony, texture, form, dynamics, and timbre, along with sight singing and ear training.

AP Music Theory - This course focuses predominantly on aural skills and dictation, sight­-singing, and melodic/harmonic analysis. Students incorporate their performance skills with materials of music, score analysis, terminology, and notational skills using music from the Common Practice period (1650­1900) and 20th century, folk, jazz, and popular music. All students are required to take the AP exam in the spring with the goal of earning college credit or testing into a higher level freshman music theory class in college.

Praise & Worship Team - The Praise and Worship Team emphasizes performing and ministering to the student body for the glory of the Lord by creating an atmosphere of unified worship. These students lead worship for high school chapel throughout the year and study the history and philosophy of worship in music, music theory, and the technology of contemporary worship.

Colla Voce - Colla Voce is an auditioned SATB chamber choir of 20-24 voices for students with advanced vocal ability. This choir sings a variety of choral music including chamber music, vocal jazz, and contemporary a cappella music. Music history, theory and sight singing are also an integral part of the program. Class related activities outside the normal school day include school concerts, choral festivals, and various community program performances.

Concert Choir - Concert Choir is a non-auditioned group for those who aren't yet able to take Colla Voce or who are new to choral singing. This choir sings a variety of choral music and performs in all school concerts. The main focus of this course is to develop good choral tone, improve sight-reading skills, and advance students' vocal abilities.

Orchestra - This performance-oriented ensemble performs a variety of musical styles including classical, bluegrass, movie, Broadway, jazz, and praise music.

Advanced Orchestra - This is an audition­-based ensemble for advanced string students who have had 4­-5 years of previous instruction and who enjoy learning and performing music in a fast­-paced environment. Students in this ensemble participate in the Pit Orchestra for the Fall Musical as well as additional performances with the High School Orchestra class during the school year.

Band - High School Band is a performance-based ensemble. Student study many styles of music, learn advanced musicianship, and view music through the lens of a Biblical worldview. Emphasis is placed on music for regularly scheduled formal concerts, special school activities, athletic events and pep sessions.

Jazz Band - Jazz Band functions as an extension of band and orchestra and focuses on the history and performance of jazz music. The instrumentation in this course may vary slightly, but generally consists of piano, bass, drums, guitar, vibes, two alto saxophones, two tenor saxophones, one baritone saxophone, four trumpets, and four trombones. Students in Jazz Band learn listening skills, music theory and improvising.

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