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Student Billing

A Note From The Heritage Christian School Student Billing Associate:

Monthly billing statements are posted to NetClassroom each month (usually between 24th and 26th of the month) for the following month’s balance and activity.

Click here to view your billing statement. Log in using your user name and password for NetClassroom (the same one you use to see report cards). There is a Billing tab that will allow you to see the most current tuition statement. If you would like to keep copies of the statements, you can print them each month, but when the new one is posted, it will override the old one. You can always contact Whitney Hill (whitney.hill@heritagechristian.net) for any previous billing statements.

If you receive a message that the billing statement is unavailable, then your students’ accounts may not be coded for you to receive the statements. It might only be on your spouse’s account which will require that person’s own user name and password. Contact Whitney to have your account coded differently so that both parents can see the monthly statements. If a tuition account is past due, we reserve the right to block student and parent access to grades, report cards, and transcripts until the account is current. You will receive an email each month when the new statements have been posted and the link will be provided in that email for easy access to NetClassroom.

Please review your statement each month and contact me with any questions:

Whitney Hill
Student Billing Associate
(317) 849-3441 x 114
(317) 813-3894 - Direct Line