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Heritage Guidelines Regarding Face Coverings

In alignment with recent directives from the Governor, all staff, faculty and students in preschool through 12th grade will be required to wear masks in any situation in which physical distancing cannot be achieved. Families will need to provide masks for their students that fully cover the nose and mouth and align with Heritage dress guidelines.

Our classrooms will be set up for physical distancing while students are seated. In most cases, that will allow for masks to be down or removed during those times.

These measures are applicable to all campus activity (Athletics, extracurriculars, etc…) and will help Heritage open school on campus and on schedule with effective educational delivery and normal daily routines.

Masks on for Preschool - Grade 12

  • In hallways
  • Entering and exiting building
  • Passing periods
  • When working in small groups
  • When working in one-on-one situations
  • Any time physical distancing cannot be achieved
  • Students in grades 6-12 must wear a mask while seated in the classroom. Mask breaks of no more than 10 minutes per hour may be granted by the teacher.

Masks off for Preschool - Grade 12

  • Students in preschool - 1st grade may remove their masks when in the classroom
  • Students in grades 2-5 may remove their masks while seated in the classroom six feet apart
  • Students in grades 6-12 may take mask breaks of no more than 10 minutes per hour as granted by the teacher
  • Student has a physician exemption on file stating that they have a health condition that makes wearing a face covering a risk to their health
  • During recess or active in PE
  • When eating or drinking
  • Any time physical distancing can be achieved outdoors

Faculty and staff must wear a mask or face shield at all times unless working in a room by themselves, eating and drinking, or outdoors where six feet of social distancing is maintained.

The Indiana Department of Education has created a two-page PDF resource to help families teach their students how to appropriately wear a face covering. It also provides protocols for safe and effective maintenance of face coverings.