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Transportation Information

The HCS back-to-school plan allows us to continue to provide bus services this year, but in a modified way. We will keep you informed should these plans need to change due to COVID-19. Below you will find these modifications for bus services.

COVID-19 Information:
  • Students will be expected to wear a mask upon entering the bus doors and will need to keep masks on for the duration of the bus ride and into their classrooms.
  • Students will be assigned seats on the bus that will not change.
  • Students will be assigned based on the 1 family per seat or a 1 student per seat chart.
  • Students with siblings will be assigned as a family seat so we will have older siblings sitting with younger siblings.
  • Students will be asked to face forward on the bus and not turn around in the seats to talk with other students.
  • Bus drivers will be wearing appropriate PPE, including the use of masks or face shields.
  • Due to COVID-19, we will not be allowing friends to come home on the bus and will limit the ability for students to ride more than one bus unless a family situation dictates otherwise.
  • The pay per ride program will require approval for any bus that has open seats and will require significant notice days in advance to gain approval.

Protocol if a student or driver is impacted by COVID-19:
  • HCS will conduct contact tracing. It is possible a full route is impacted by the need to exclude or quarantine.
  • HCS protocol will be followed. We will notify you immediately via text or email message if a route has to be cancelled or altered.
  • HCS has limited amounts of substitutes for drivers but does have plans to support routes if a driver only is isolated due to protocols.

We look forward serving to your family soon!