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Anna Avery

Vice Chair of Family Outreach

Anna Avery and Family

Why are you involved with PTF?
I'm involved with PTF because I want to take care of our teachers and show my kids that I value both their education and their teachers. It's been a great way for me to learn about the school and get to know other parents and staff at school.

What is your favorite PTF event?
My favorite PTF event is probably the Jog-A-Thon: it's a unique day to see so many of the grade levels make memories together while both raising funds for the school and spending time together as a class. For parents, it's an opportunity to see other parents and teachers celebrate what makes us Heritage!

What is your favorite HCS memory?
My favorite HCS memory isn't one memory. It's any of the interactions that happen that show me that my kids' teachers go above and beyond all the time. Whether it's my daughter's first grade teacher coming to her birthday party or my son's second grade teacher hand picking a project topic because she knew his passion for hockey, I see on an almost daily basis how my kids are not only receiving an awesome education but also an incredible amount of love and dedication by their teachers and aides!

Why should other parents consider being involved with PTF?
Other parents should consider getting involved in PTF because it is truly the easiest way to connect all of the dots at Heritage. Whether a parent can commit a small amount of time or a large amount of time, he or she will ultimately learn more about how events operate, who does what on campus, and it's the best way to interact with those faculty and parents who make Heritage run! Parents should feel that they can jump in and get involved at anytime of the year and at any commitment level!

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