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Anne Reed


Anne Reed and Family

Why are you involved with PTF?
After some encouragement from friends and my children, I decided to get involved with PTF. I haven’t been actively involved in PTF until now and I am excited to be a part of an organization that does so much for our school.

What is your favorite PTF event?
Since I am just getting started, I don’t have a favorite event yet, but based on the bits and pieces I know about the different events, each one serves a special need and offers the opportunity to meet people, serve others and have fun.

What is your favorite HCS memory?
We have so many great memories at HCS and look forward to many more. The relationships and sense of community really stand out. We have had so many wonderful experiences with teachers who are willing to share their faith and life experiences with their classes and it has had such a positive impact on the lives of the students in their classrooms

Why should other parents consider being involved with PTF?
It is a great way to meet people, get involved and give back to the school community.

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