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Beth Lankford

Member at Large

Beth Lankford and Family

Why are you involved with PTF?
Being involved in PTF is a wonderful way to build relationships with parents and staff. It is fun to be a part of the "behind the scenes" work that goes into planning school wide activities and blessing staff members.  

What is your favorite PTF event?
My favorite PTF event has to be the new Father Daughter Ball that was held for the first time in February 2017. Seeing the excitement on the girls' faces as they came all dressed up with fathers, grandfathers, and relatives was heart-warming. The anticipation the dance created around the school added to the excitement. I look forward to making the Father Daughter Balls even more special.

What is your favorite HCS memory?
My favorite memory is a recent one. My fourth grade daughter participated in the pie eating contest during the Fourth Grade Hoedown this past school year. She was the pie eating champion, and the look on her face when she was announced the winner was priceless.

Why should other parents consider being involved with PTF?
Getting involved is the best way to meet parents and staff. Parents can be involved a little or a lot and every bit is greatly appreciated. Everyone has different gifts and abilities, and those all come together when we volunteer.

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