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Brittny Hillbish

Vice Chair of Faculty & Staff Encouragement

Brittny Hillbish and Family

Why are you involved with PTF?
I consider it a privilege to be involved in my kids' school. I want to support everyone who works at the school and invests in my kids. I also want to contribute to a community that benefits all Heritage families. 

What is your favorite PTF event?
There are some great PTF events, but my favorite is probably the Elementary Roller Skate Party. It's just a lot of fun for the kids, and I love seeing other parents there and catching up with them. 

What is  your favorite HCS memory?
I actually went to Heritage as a student, so I have many years worth of Heritage memories. I still think one of my favorite moments was bringing my oldest daughter to a Heritage Open House when we were deciding where to send our kids for school. It was clearly evident that the atmosphere was a perfect match for her, and I will never forget how thankful I was for the opportunity to choose Heritage. 

Why should other parents consider getting involved with PTF?
I think PTF is an awesome way to meet other parents and get to know more about the school. There are actually a lot of different ways to be involved, so everyone can find something that is a good fit for them and their availability. 

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