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Lisa Kelley

Vice Co-Chair of Family Fellowship

Lisa Kelley and Family

Why are you involved with PTF?
I can think of at least 3 reasons: influence, friends, fun. Meaning, being informed of and having an influence on the "inside scoop" of school events, while meeting and interacting with other interested parents, is fun! Also, the atmosphere at HCS is always uplifting & appreciative, so being active in campus activities, mingling with faculty, staff & other parents, leaves me feeling like I'm the one being blessed.

What is your favorite PTF event?
Helping with the monthly breakfast cart probably ranks as my favorite PTF-sponsored activity. It's enjoyable to spend a couple of hours chatting with other parent volunteers, while delivering breakfast goodies to very appreciative teachers! It's also fun to have a brief social connection with my children's current teachers, or reconnect with teachers they've had in the past.

What is your favorite HCS memory?
Given the 16-year spread between my oldest and youngest children, we have been at HCS for many years, and we have many more to go! That being said, it is very hard to pull one memory from the many stored away. The relationships all of my children have had with various teachers have been meaningful and lingering. And the friendships I have made over the years have given me much joy & support. So, it would seem, the relationships formed are what give both my family and me the best memories, as well as provide a continued source of connection and belonging.

Why should other parents consider being involved with PTF?
What better way to have an influence on your school than to be part of a parent organization that supports school-wide activities? In addition, PTF is a great way to meet new people, whether you're new to HCS, or have been part of the Heritage family for some time. Each person has their own individual ideas, and melding those ideas benefits everyone. Fresh input from new volunteers is always appreciated!

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