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Go-Karting at Heritage Christian School

Heritage students put their academic and racing skills to the test in the National High School evGrandPrix.

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Building Excitement for STEM Education

This annual race helps build excitement for STEM education in a racing setting. Heritage physics and engineering students use the go-kart to bring textbook topics to life - such as kinematics, momentum, motors, and electricity.

Even some of our younger students get involved. The high school engineering class hosted "field trips" for younger students to teach them about utilizing 3D graphics and printing to engineer parts for the go-kart.

The Race

Heritage was selected as one of the schools to be involved in the first evGrandPrix race in May 2016 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This first team contained a variety of essential positions (mechanics/pit crew, engineering design, graphics design, marketing, business management, fundraising, community outreach/education). Our students designed some of the components on the kart using CAD (computer aided design) and worked with local business to help us manufacture the designs.

During this inaugural race, HCS student Christian Daly (brother of Indy Car driver Conor Daly), secured a strong second place finish for the team. This result was truly a team effort by everyone who contributed to getting HCS to the finish line.

Today, Heritage continues to compete in the evGrandPrix race and performs well every year. Learn more about the race at evgrandprix.org/highschool.

Check out this video to learn more about the annual evGrandPrix: