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How Do We Disciple Our Students?


Heritage was founded on the premise that the Bible is essential for all of life, including academics. As a result of this belief, we are very intentional about teaching our students the facts of the Bible, core doctrines, and principles of Christian living. These subjects are specifically taught in Bible classes and chapels, but we also integrate Bible teaching in all classroom environments.

For a glimpse inside the Bible classroom, check out our latest Teacher Profile.


All of our teachers are Christians who value the opportunity to educate in their subject area of expertise and help students grow in their faith in Christ. Teachers, coaches and staff are intentional about building relationships with students. Doing so facilitates natural opportunities to teach character and leadership, model a Christian lifestyle and train them to serve God and others.


Our classrooms, athletics, and extracurriculars provide opportunities for our students to develop leadership skills, identify their gifts, articulate the gospel, and practice serving others. These opportunities are a direct result of our commitment to mentor our students both in and out of the classroom.