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Discipleship in Elementary School

Discipleship in the Elementary School starts with the fact that our teachers are Christ followers themselves. In the classroom, they have opportunities to teach the Bible along with topics such as character and what it means to be a Christian and follow Jesus with your life. Our teachers also mentor their students through various areas such as discipline issues and how to love a friend and what it means to follow Jesus in their classroom experience. These students also have opportunities to be involved in clubs and give and serve. Through all of this, students in our Elementary School begin to truly learn what it means to be a lifelong follower of Christ and to love God and love other people.

Elementary School Student Praying


Preschool, Prep-K, & Kindergarten Bible Topics

Old Testament Overview
New Testament Overview
Application of Bible Characters
Scripture Memorization

1st Grade Bible Topics

Old Testament Characters
The Life of Christ (Through the Christmas & Easter Stories)
Application of Bible Characters
Character Traits
Scripture Memorization

2nd Grade Bible Topics

Inspiration of the Bible
Attributes of God
Old Testament Characters
Life of Paul
Life of Christ (Through the Christmas & Easter Stories)
Application of Bible Characters
Scripture Memorization

3rd Grade Bible Topics

Life, Death, & Resurrection of Jesus
Teachings of Christ
Pilgrim's Progress
Scripture Memorization

4th Grade Bible Topics

Young Peacemaker Studies
The Story for Kids (The Bible from Beginning to End)
Emphasis on Joshua, Judges, 2 Samuel, & Ruth
James & Nehemiah
Repentance & Forgiveness
The Cycle of Sin
Scripture Memorization


"My experience being mentored at Heritage for three years has been great. I have enjoyed learning and doing devotions with my high school mentors. They have taught me how to deal with hard times and how to be a good friend. We play games and have fun. They always make me feel special. At the end of the year, they always write verses that help me. I have saved them and put them on the bulletin board in my room.

My high school mentors have taught me so much and because of the time I have spent with them, I want to be a mentor to someone when I am in high school. I will now be able to teach them godly verses that may help them someday. One of the verses I learned was Romans 15:13 – “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

My relationship with Christ is...He’s my best friend. I know He is always with me and I always try to please Him."

- Lilly, 4th Grade Student


Chapel Worship - Elementary students worship through singing and prayer led by staff and students.

Chapel Speakers - Through the Gospel Project curriculum, students receive an overview of the whole Bible in four years. Each lesson shows how all of the Bible points to Christ. Staff and guest teachers present these lessons with student participation when appropriate. Our elementary students look forward to chapel and are eager to learn together.

Leadership Training - Elementary students are encouraged to show leadership through the choices they make and the example they set to others around them. Teachers cultivate the concept of leadership to these young students through opportunities to serve one another and opportunities to grow in responsibility. A formal program of leadership development begins in 4th grade where students lead through service opportunities within the school as they begin to identify their strengths and desires.

Service Opportunities - Students are exposed to local as well as international opportunities to serve while in elementary school. Through care ministries, they collect Coins for the Kingdom to support several orphanages across the globe. As children progress from grade to grade, they are given opportunities to contribute to local ministries by collecting shoes, toothbrushes, and books. Serving within the school is also emphasized through such programs as Reading Buddies, encouragement notes, and random acts of kindness.

Camichines Orphanage
A School in Camichines in Mexico started by a former HCS teacher and supported by our Elementary Care Ministries.
Soup Collection
Elementary Students delivering soup to a local food pantry.
Africa Orphanage

Pastor Kenduiwa Children’s Home - an orphanage in Africa supported by our Elementary Care Ministries.

Soup Group
The Soup Group - a group of 8 elementary students who collected hundreds of cans of soup to donate to local food pantries.