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Care Ministries

The goal of Care Ministries in the Elementary School is to teach our children to be the hands and feet of Jesus and then to provide them with simple opportunities to put their faith and the love of Christ into practice.

Elementary Care Ministries Infographic
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Coins For The Kingdom

One of the opportunities for our elementary students to serve is through Coins for the Kingdom (CFK). This ministry provides a unique opportunity for students to serve others while serving Jesus. Students contribute coins and cash to CFK throughout the entire school year. The coins then help to support two orphanages in Kenya and Haiti. All of the orphanages have Heritage connections and all share the love of Jesus and the Word of God with the children who live there.

James 1:27 says that we are "to look after the orphans and widows in their distress". Through Coins for the Kingdom, the Lord has allowed our students at HCS to be creative in the ways they raised money for the orphans. Some of these methods include giving money that was being saved for a puppy, growing and selling vegetables, running lemonade stands, giving birthday or allowance money, having birthday parties where guests brought donations instead of presents, doing extra jobs, finding money under couch cushions, and saving coins as a family in a “change jar.”

Stuffies with a Smile

In 2018, a group of 4th grade girls came up with the idea to collect new stuffed animals for sick children. They created the care ministry "Stuffies with a Smile" in order to show love to pediatric patients. This program allows our students opportunities to reach out to others and show love and kindness. That following summer, our students donated more than 200 stuffed animals to Community Hospital North and personally delivered them to the doctors who work there. They also attached handwritten notes to each stuffed animal with the saying 'You Are Loved!' The girls who came up with this idea hope to put smiles on the faces of the children receiving care at the hospital.

Stuffies with a Smile

Soup Collection

Following an assembly with our HCS fourth graders on Student Servant Leadership, all of our 4th grade students signed up for various jobs to serve around campus. Two of the many jobs they did involved opening the front door of the elementary in the mornings and afternoons and assisting younger students with their reading each week during 4th grade recess.

Eight students joined a Soup Collection committee called The Soup Group. The Soup Group organized a soup collection project for the entire school. The students made and distributed posters and flyers and spoke at chapels to promote this Student Servant Leadership project. They also created labels that said "Jesus Loves You" and put one on every can of soup.

Soup GroupThe Soup Group
Delivering SoupStudents delivering soup to food pantry.

The purpose of the project was to reach out to needy people in our community, spread God’s love, and watch God work! It also was an opportunity to develop student servant leadership skills. Our entire student body brought in cans of soup to school. The committee set a goal of 500 cans, but they ended up collecting 901 cans of soup which were distributed to local Food Pantries!

A Day Without Shoes

Our entire school has collected shoes for six years. These shoes are taken around the world and given to children and adults who need them.

Day Without Shoes

In the past six years, we have collected over 2,800 pairs of shoes. The shoes have been taken on mission trips by our HCS family and friends and distributed by local pastors and missionaries who minister in their communities.

Shoes help prevent diseases and allow children to receive an education since they must wear shoes to attend school. The shoes have reached 5 continents and over 10 countries, including China, Nicaragua, Ukraine, Kenya, Haiti, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Equador, Chili, South America, Sierra Leone, Africa, Uganda, South Africa.

If you would like to participate in any of these projects, please contact the Elementary Office at (317) 694-5858 ext. 153.