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Discipleship in High School

In the high school, we continue our desire to teach, mentor and train students to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Our goal is for our students to not only be prepared academically to enter the next stage of life, but that they would also understand what it means to know and follow God and be equipped to articulate that in a world that doesn't understand.

High School Chapel


9th & 10th Grade Bible Courses

Previous Bible courses have included:
  • Attributes of God
  • The Gospel in the Beginning
  • The Gospel of John
  • Life of Christ
  • How to Study the Bible
  • Christian Mission
  • Biblical Manhood/Womanhood
  • Introduction to the Christian Faith - Offered to every new high school student their first year at Heritage.

11th & 12th Grade Bible Courses

Previous Bible courses have included:
  • Romans
  • Leviticus
  • Biblical Community
  • Christian History & Theology
  • Bioethics
  • Social Ethics
  • A Theology of Technology
  • Christian Living: Biblical Counseling
  • Worldviews
  • Non-Christian Religions
  • Introduction to the Christian Faith - Offered to every new high school student their first year at Heritage.


"I left Heritage after 3rd grade, and returned in 7th grade. I came back only knowing some faces and remembering a few names, but had no connection with anyone after leaving. It was hard trying to weave back into the small, tight knit community. My guidance counselor, Mrs. Furnish, helped me feel more welcomed and get back to being connected with people. For the past five years she has been a good listening ear, has helped me grow in my walk with Christ, and has given me wise advice. It's hard to imagine not having her in my life, and all the other amazing mentors I have at Heritage."

- Abby, High School Student


Chapel - Chapel is a regular opportunity for students to experience worship, learn from the Bible, and hear the stories of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus Christ. High school students gather for chapel each week.
  • Worship - During a typical chapel, students are lead in worship by a student praise team.
  • Speakers - Students hear about God from their teachers, local pastors, alumni and peers. Hearing student stories about personal growth and faith in Christ is a favorite among the student body.
  • Prayer - Chapel, class, and student groups provide natural opportunities for students to pray together throughout the school day.

Spiritual Emphasis Week
- For one special week each semester, students have chapel or small group every day. This allows students to focus their attention for several days on our annual Spiritual Theme or a specific topic.

Service Opportunities - All high school students participate in our “Day of Service” where they have opportunities to serve all over the Indianapolis community. Because we value service to others, all high school students are required to complete 20 hours of service annually which is completed through opportunities like mentoring in the Elementary School, tutoring at Tab Presbyterian, being a student ambassador for school events, and serving in their local church or community.

Leadership Training - High School students learn and practice servant leadership through involvement in Student Council, National Honor Society, Clubs, Athletics, and Fine Arts. Through these extra curricular and co-curricular opportunities, they learn how God has gifted them as well as learn important things like responsibility and teamwork, and personal integrity.

Young Life - Young Life is another opportunity for high school students to build relationships with people and be discipled. Young Life is a non-denominational ministry with the goal of helping students realize their full potential in Christ, recognize their need to be connected to the body of Christ (a local church) and develop the desire to share their faith with others.