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Discipleship in the Intermediate School

Through chapel, Bible class, and various programs in the intermediate school, our students are able identify how God has made them and what they're good at. They are then given opportunities to serve within the Heritage community based on those gifts. This pulls together our goals to teach, mentor and train these students in a way that helps them understand how God wants them to use their gifts to love Him and love other people.

Intermediate School Chapel


5th Grade Bible Courses

Book of Acts
Scripture Memorization

6th Grade Bible Courses

Old Testament Prophecy & New Testament Fulfillment
John the Baptist
Temptations of Jesus
Jesus' Ministry on Earth
Comparative Study of the Gospels
Scripture Memorization


“I have had many teachers at Heritage who influenced me to follow Christ, but it wasn't until this year that I was truly challenged to think beyond school things like writing. I have been challenged to read my Bible and apply it to my life and get to know Christ more. Mr. Houck and Mrs. Thomas have encouraged me to do that.”

- Kate, Intermediate School Student


Chapel - Chapel is a regular opportunity for students to experience worship, learn from the Bible, and hear the stories of people whose lives have been changed by Jesus Christ.
  • Worship - Chapel worship is typically led by a middle school praise team. Occasionally, Heritage staff and sometimes their own peers lead worship as well.
  • Speakers - These chapels often include HCS staff or teachers who speak to the students about their faith in God. The speakers practically apply God's Word and principals in a way that students are impacted to follow Christ as 5th and 6th graders. Periodically, the intermediate school has the wonderful opportunity to join the middle school for special chapels.
  • Prayer - Chapels and classes are marked by prayer. There are opportunities throughout the day to pray together in class, small groups, or with a teacher/mentor.

Leadership Training - In the Intermediate School, biblical discipleship is integrated through the M.A.D.E to Lead program. This program equips students to be: motivated to follow Christ, activated to take action, dedicated to pursuing what's right, and energized to serve others. Other opportunities are given to students with the purpose of serving others while utilizing their strengths. [Learn More]

Service Opportunities - Small groups work together to serve their school through writing the Intermediate School newspaper, assembling games and hair-bows for orphans in Haiti at the Kelly Erb School, mentoring elementary students, and encouragement Groups (groups designed specifically to provide encouragement within our Heritage and Indianapolis communities as well as hospitality groups to welcome guests visiting the school).