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Meet The Security Team

Brayden McIntyre

Howard Bellamy

HCS Hire Date: September 1996

Military Experience:
  • U.S. Navy 1973-1977
  • Saigon Vietnam 1975
  • Weapons training U.S. Navy
  • Concealed carry licensed for 20yrs

  • B.S. Pastoral Leadership (Crossroads Bible College)
  • Certified Life Coach (CBMC)

Why are you willing to serve Heritage in this capacity?

I'm convinced that HCS is where God has called me to be. I'm all in!
Gal 2:20

Ed Ingle

HCS Hire Date: July 2009

Professional Experience:
  • Hired as the Director of Security in 2009
  • Responsible for oversight and execution along with short and long range planning for all HCS Security functions
  • Collaborated with IMPD, DHS and Lawrence Township Police to develop the HCS Emergency Manual
  • Chair of the HCS Safe School Committee
  • Indiana School Safety Specialist
  • Maintains significant relationships with IMPD that allows for Heritage to have a unique and positive relationship with law enforcement

B.A. Psychology (2004), Lindsey Wilson College

Why are you willing to serve at Heritage in this capacity?
From my hire date, Heritage was a calling and not a destination. I feel a deep commitment to what we have established here in Security for our community. I could not imagine a day where someone who meant harm to Heritage was able to do that harm without being confronted with equal force. I am a proud parent of two HCS students and feel strongly that part of being a top educational facility in our current culture is having a professionally trained security department with the ability to respond in a variety of capacities to any threat the school may encounter.

Brayden McIntyre

HCS Hire Date: March 2018

Professional Experience:
  • Sergeant, 2004 -2010 at the Butler County Sheriff's Office, Butler County, Ohio.
  • Firearms training through Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.
  • Corrections Officer Basic Training Program of the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.
  • Supervised 1000+ inmates and 25+ Corrections Officers with emphasis on facility safety and security.
  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement 287(g) Delegation of Authority Academy.
  • Over 25 years experience with firearms and firearm safety.

Why are you willing to serve Heritage in this capacity?
Besides feeling the call to protect and serve others, I have a vested interest in safety and security, as I have two children attending Heritage Christian School.

Joseph Reaves

HCS Hire Date: June 2010

Professional Experience:
  • US Army: 26 years of service
  • Certified during service with the below weapons:
    • M-16
    • M-60 Machine Gun
    • M203 Grenade Launcher
    • M-45 Handgun
  • Security detail for leadership during service

Why are you willing to serve Heritage in this capacity?
I see safety as one of the highest callings Heritage can pursue to help support the mission of the school. Providing a safe school sets an example in our community that says Heritage is a place that is safe to work and safe to learn. I feel called by God to be a part of this community and serve its families.