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Heritage Fund Giving Guide

Your gift to the Heritage Fund makes a difference.

Tuition and fees alone do not cover the cost of upkeep, upgrades and operations for a school our size. We need ongoing community support to thrive. Please consider your most generous gift possible to help Heritage with our most important needs for this year. To allow you to see the impact that various sized gifts can have, we’ve created this list of examples. Whether you want to impact our campus, our students, or our faculty and staff, the Heritage Fund allows you to invest in life-changing inspiring education.

See what your support at various levels can provide as part of a successful Heritage Fund:

1. $100,000 | Invest in Inspiring Education

Heritage Students

Step forward as a Heritage cornerstone supporter. Boldly invest in Christian education. A gift of $100,000 provides the foundational investment to lead the way for ongoing Heritage financial health and educational success. Ensure our faculty and staff worthy servants receive a Christmas bonus, allow more families the life-changing opportunity of a Heritage Christian education, and make our campus and classrooms reflect our faithful 52-year-old legacy.

2. $90,000 | Replace our 30-year-old High School Gym Bleachers

High School Gym Bleachers

Following 30 years of extensive use, our High School gym bleachers require replacement. Motors to move them in and out are failing. Seating and other mechanical components are worn. Fire-up and support our Eagles!

3. $75,000 | Renovate our High School

High School Classroom

$75,000 provides a complete renovation of five High School classrooms. These spaces have served us well, but they are now showing the signs of their age. Help refresh our vital teaching spaces with this major investment. We want to reflect our academic excellence in all we do, including having the best teaching spaces possible. In addition to replacing 28-year-old carpet, ceilings will be repaired or replaced and fresh paint and decorating will be provided. New teacher and student desks and furniture will be provided and room security will be upgraded. Invest in our vital classroom environments.

4. $50,000 | Tuition Assistance through the SGO Program

High School Student

Your gift of $50,000 to the Heritage Fund through the Indiana SGO tax-incentivized scholarship program provides you with
  • a 50% Indiana State tax credit
  • a federal tax deduction
  • $50,000 of relief to our institutional financial assistance budget the ability to allow dozens of families experience a Christian education

Your actual cost for this level of gift could be less than $15,000 once tax credits are applied (depending on your tax situation). Learn more about this unique win-win Heritage Fund opportunity.

5. $25,000 | Renovation of Fine Arts Corridors

Fine Arts Corridor

With dozens of events hosting thousands of guests every year, our Fine Arts corridors are one of the most visible and highly travelled areas. We want to complement the recent renovation of our Fine Arts lobby with renovation of our interior Fine Arts corridors. New carpeting and paint will be the primary work.

6. $24,000 | Cafetorium Floor Resurfacing


Resurface and restripe our rubberized cafetorium floor. Thousands of students, staff and visitors utilize our cafetorium every week, whether it is feeding our entire Middle and High School, hosting chapels and fine arts events, holding athletic practices and special activities, showcasing our school through Open Houses, and more, no other space receives the wear and tear than our cafetorium. Help keep it upgraded and updated.

7. $20,000 | Library Carpet Replacement


Replace our 30-year-old High School library carpet. We would like to have a library space that reflects our commitment to academic excellence. Other needs have pushed aside renovation and updating of our library, but now is the time to make overdue improvements.

8. $20,000 | Middle School Hallway Renovation

Middle School Hallway

Renovate ceilings, walls, lockers and doors in our Middle School hallway. Our Middle School corridors have been well-travelled and well-used for decades and it is time for refreshing and remodeling.

9. $20,000 | High School Gym Lobby Renovation

High School Gym

Renovate our High School gym lobby, including new flooring. Our current lobby has been the entrance to thousands of games and activities and the host and home for champions and championships. Keep Eagle pride alive with an investment in one of most highly visible athletic spaces.

10. $15,000 | Renovate a High School Classroom

High School Classroom

Provides a complete upgrade and restoration of one of our older High School classrooms. New carpet will be installed. Ceilings will be repaired or replaced. Fresh paint and decorating will be provided. New teacher and student desks and furniture will be provided and room security will be upgraded. Invest in our vital classroom environments.

11. $12,000 | Computer Lab Upgrade

Computer Lab

Replace computers in our Elementary School computer lab. Technology moves fast and our current lab has seven-year-old computers. We need to provide the best technology possible to maintain the great strides we are making in our STEM programs.

12. $10,000 | Tuition Assistance for 20 Families

Fine Arts Student

Provide 20 students with our minimum tuition assistance package for eligible families through the tax incentivized state SGO scholarship program. With almost 50% of our community receiving some form of financial assistance, our tuition assistance budget is an important part of our school’s finances. Your gift through our Heritage SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization) that administers funds for Indiana’s popular tax benefit SEC (Scholarships for Education Choice) program helps individual students and the school, while providing you significant tax credits.

13. $10,000 | Elementary iPad Cart Upgrade

iPad Cart

Replace all the iPads on one Elementary School iPad cart. We have an iPad cart with six-year-old iPads that needs immediate replacement. Give our students the leading edge technology that will help them thrive.

14. $7,000 | Christmas Bonuses for Ten Worthy Servants

Worthy Servants

Provide 10 staff members with the level of Christmas bonus we have been able to provide in recent years. Our servant-hearted people make Heritage special. We are committed to continuing the wonderful tradition of blessing our “worthy servants” at Christmas through a one-time bonus. Your gift to help us reach our Heritage Fund goal ensures a Christmas bonus for our faculty and staff.

15. $5,000 | New Carpet for One Classroom


Replace 28-year-old carpeting in one High School classroom. Includes removal of old carpet, prep work, baseboards, and installation of new carpet tiles. We want to display our academic excellence in all we do, including having the best teaching spaces possible.

16. $1,000 | Provide a HOPE Scholarship

Provide an Educational Support Services HOPE Fund scholarship to a deserving student who would not be able to receive our life-changing services otherwise.

17. $700 | Bless a Teacher at Christmas


Provide a Christmas bonus for one of our deserving, ministry-minded faculty. Ensure that our appreciation for them is clearly displayed at Christmas and provide them a bonus at a similar level provided in recent years.

18. $100 | Invest in Christian Education

Teacher with Students

Invest in Christian Education through the Heritage Fund. If you believe in what Heritage provides and want to invest in a future generation of leaders, then support the Heritage Fund as it invests in our campus, our students and our worthy servants. Our academic excellence infused with an unwavering Biblical worldview changes lives and communities. Support the Heritage Fund with a gift of $100.

Heritage Fund Gift Usage

Heritage Fund Gift Usage: Donations designated to the Heritage Fund will be utilized and applied to projects and programs at the discretion of Heritage Christian School within communicated Heritage Fund objectives. Donations to the Heritage Fund made through the Indiana SGO program will be applied to student beneficiaries as required by the SGO program. If funding requirements for a project or program are fully met, Heritage Christian School will apply additional funds to similar Heritage Fund projects or programs