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Worthy Servants

Who Makes Heritage Special?

It’s our worthy servants who invest in our students each and every day.

HCS Faculty and Staff

Worthy Servants Christmas Bonus

As we approach the Christmas season, we once again have the opportunity to provide a Worthy Servants Christmas bonus for our dedicated team of faculty and staff. We hope we can count on your support. Every year we hear stories of the tremendous impact and blessing that this important one-time bonus provides.

Our Goal

Ensuring a generous Christmas bonus is an important part of our Heritage Fund. Our goal this year is a minimum $150,000 Christmas bonus to be divided among our entire team.

Giving Information

You can mail a check to HCS (be sure to include "Worthy Servants" in the memo) or give conveniently and safely online. You can also provide monthly giving of any amount through your bank or credit card.

Through the Heritage Fund, you invest in three key areas: our teachers and staff; our students; our campus. We’ve already started investing in the campus and student components of the fund, and now want to support our team. Visit our Heritage Fund page to learn more.

Thank you for supporting our mission-minded faculty and staff who serve our students and families.

Giving Deadline: Friday, December 6