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The Zachary Warrick Discipleship Endowment

Zachary Warrick

With a goal of enhancing Heritage Christian School’s discipleship impact and spiritual distinctiveness, a new endowment fund has been established. The fund is named after a beloved Heritage student who had a profound impact on the school.  The Zachary Warrick Discipleship Endowment, in memory of Zach Warrick, a Heritage student who died tragically a few days after his May 2022 graduation, will directly support our Biblical worldview focus and discipleship activities. 

The endowment will provide funding for Israel trips for students and faculty, the funding of additional discipleship staffing, and the awarding of a Zachary Warrick Spiritual Life Leadership Award for a graduating senior recognized by fellow students.

Through the leading of Bible studies, the discipling of other students, various missional projects, his fine arts engagement, and other community involvement, Zach made an impact on Heritage that still echoes in our hallways and in the lives of friends, fellow students and teachers. At our 2022 graduation, Zach received both the Al Leinbach Servant Leadership Award (selected by faculty) and the High School Spiritual Life Leadership Award (selected by students). The endowment will provide an enduring remembrance and honoring of his life.

The annual Holy Land trip will bring the Bible to life in the same way that our D.C. trip helps bring the pages of American history to life. This experience for Heritage high school students will take them deeper into the Scriptures and their faith journey, and aligns with our discipleship and Biblical worldview distinctives. Bible teachers and discipleship staff will also participate.

Also, Zach was greatly impacted and guided by the Heritage High School discipleship team. The Warrick’s especially expressed their appreciation for the value of one-on-one discipleship. The endowment will fund expansion of our discipleship staffing.

As Zach embodied much of what we desire from a student’s Christ-centered spiritual journey, the endowment will also fund a renamed Zachary Warrick Spiritual Life Leadership Award, the award to be given to a graduating senior recognized by fellow students for their spiritual impact on the world around them. We believe that honoring Zach Warrick in multiple ways within the school’s discipleship agenda best ensures a legacy of significant impact and enduring remembrance.

The significant scope of activities and support being provided was made possible by a major gift recently given to establish a permanent endowment. Combined with other memorial funds given and future inclusion in our annual Heritage Fund, the Zachary Warrick Discipleship Endowment will be a missional focal point for preserving and enhancing the Biblical worldview and discipleship activities of Heritage Christian School. We anticipate a profound impact on countless young lives for years and generations to come through this resource.

Gifts to support the endowment can be made to the Zachary Warrick Memorial Fund.